In prayer this morning I heard the Lord say, “Only the faithful will be kept FROM the hour of trial which is coming upon the whole earth.” I began to look and study and that exact verse is in a passage I am preparing for a new message. Revelation 3:7-13 gives us the condition of the only church that will be kept FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL WHICH IS COMING UPON THE WHOLE EARTH.

My question to my own heart this morning is the same as my question to you. Are you in the faithful church? Are you ready for His coming? He promises us that this particular portion of HIS church… the ones who are actually ready for HIS quick coming, will be ‘kept from’ the hour of trial coming upon the whole earth.

Don’t focus on the trial that is coming upon the whole earth. Focus upon making sure you have kept your crown, that you have not lost your way, that your worship is pure, holy, and righteous before Him. Make sure that you have done what it takes to keep yourself ready for HIs coming. Have you put on your royal robes?

Like Esther, she was inside the kingdom of Persia for 9 years before she learned how to properly dress and adorn herself to be the mirror reflection of the King. Are you HIS mirror reflection? Or do you continue to mirror reflect your own pain, issues, struggles, life? Our responsibility is to dress ourselves and be ready for HIS coming . . . having oil, not just some… more than enough oil. Oil in our lamps and oil in our vessels. Are you so filled with the Holy Spirit today that you have more than enough oil to be ready when He calls? Get ready; He’s coming!

I’m ready! Jesus Come quickly! Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

Life is moving quickly now. Jesus is soon to appear and remove His bride from the earth. It will be only a remnant. Not the ‘entire church’ will be raptured. I’ve studied the 7 conditions of last days church in Revelation 2 and 3 and it’s obvious only one church will make the first rapture… it’s the Bride… it’s the church who has the ‘key of David’… the church that has rebuilt their own personal worship to where they stand pure and holy… without performance or pride.. pure holy prepared and ready… Revelation 3:7 no doubt it’s almost time. We must prepare our own hearts, lives, minds, families, our own worship to be ready… Proper worship will bring the purifying fire of HIS presence to help get out the spots and wrinkles of our ever day lives. We must be focused on HIM… HIM alone. We can not be ADD brides for the Bridgroom. He has asked for our undivided attention. We must focus, work and labor to enter into HIS rest. It is not fairy dust… it’s spiritual discipline and work to bring our own fast paced, busy life schedules into a pure and holy stream to bring us into HIS presence … we can only be prepared from HIS presence. Not some outside source that we call HIS presence… HIS presence … His secret place.

Matthew 6:6… we come into the secret place and He meets us there… He is the secret place. He is not just ‘in the secret place’ . . . . He is the secret place. Come in and shut the door… come in and shut the door of life, busy-ness, stress, stuff . . . anything that separates or distracts . . . JESUS is coming quickly now! Get ready!

I love you . . . . enough to tell you!


School Of Worship has been a vision the Lord put inside my heart in the early part of my life.  I didn’t realize what it looked like, or sounded like, or even one detail of what it really is suppose to be when I was younger, I just always knew that I love to worship the Lord.  I knew that I love to worship God at the highest and best of who I am.  I knew that once I understood that worship is who I am not what I do, that I had tapped into a stream into the heart of God that could not be explained in words.   It’s a pure place; it’s a holy place; its a place where your earthly identity, and your heavenly being mesh into one person.   It’s a place where God becomes so real, so touchable, so available to your being that you never want to leave it.   I was just a little girl in the back woods of the hill country of Mississippi when I first discovered my identity of a worshiper.  After a few years my hearts desire became all about teaching and training others.  It first began with my teaching piano, voice, and guitar at the age of fifteen years old.  By the time I was a Senior in High School I had over 60 weekly students, ranging from the ages of five years old to 58 years old.  College students from 40 miles away at Mississippi State University would drive down into the country roads of Choctaw County, Mississippi to have a weekly lesson with me.  When I look back at it, its truly amazing, how the Lord puts inside of you at a very early age, who you really are, what you are called and created to do and be.   I was born a worshiper of the most High God.   I will cross over to Heaven or be raptured as a worshiper of the Most High God.   Now 57 years later, my hearts desire is to train worshipers to worship God in spirit and in truth.  To raise up worshipers with a pure heart, to know the difference between performance and worship.   Want to be a part of this?   Come to one of our School Of Worship sessions in 2015!  The first one is scheduled January 12-16, 2015!

Life is not made up of a list of destinations or achievements even though we have been taught that it is.  Life is made up of daily life experiences learning how to keep moving no matter what happens; remembering that Jesus will never leave us nor will He ever forsake us.   No matter who lives, or who dies, Jesus is alive forever more and He lives in you.   At least, He lives in you if you have surrendered your life to Him, forever.  He must be Lord, and King of your every day life.  He is not a prayer prayed one time, a long time ago.  No, He is ever present, always with you, always holding up your arms when you can’t keep moving.    He is your salvation, your healing, your deliverance, your breakthrough, and your victory.   He is . . . always and ever present.  Not past and not future; at this exact moment, Jesus is ever present with you.   So don’t give up; don’t look back; don’t turn around; don’t stop moving forward.   Jesus is walking every step with you.   He is!   And when you are hidden inside of Him, you are!   You are living, breathing, walking, talking, infomercial for the king of kings and the Lord of lords.   Jesus is coming soon.  We must prepare the bride . . . we must prepare ourselves to be ready to meet Him face to face.   Ask Him to help you; He will.  He is no further away from you than your next breath.   Breathe His name, even whisper His name and He is there.   Life is a journey and it has a destination.   But life, this earth life that is, is not a destination.  this earth life is the womb of Heaven.  We are here to develop into who we are forever.   Who are you right now?   Are you the worshiper you were created to be?   What if at this next moment, you took your last breath and stood before the Father?  Would you be happy with who you have developed into forever?   Worship Him.  He deserves it.