In prayer this morning I heard the Lord say, “Only the faithful will be kept FROM the hour of trial which is coming upon the whole earth.” I began to look and study and that exact verse is in a passage I am preparing for a new message. Revelation 3:7-13 gives us the condition of the only church that will be kept FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL WHICH IS COMING UPON THE WHOLE EARTH.

My question to my own heart this morning is the same as my question to you. Are you in the faithful church? Are you ready for His coming? He promises us that this particular portion of HIS church… the ones who are actually ready for HIS quick coming, will be ‘kept from’ the hour of trial coming upon the whole earth.

Don’t focus on the trial that is coming upon the whole earth. Focus upon making sure you have kept your crown, that you have not lost your way, that your worship is pure, holy, and righteous before Him. Make sure that you have done what it takes to keep yourself ready for HIs coming. Have you put on your royal robes?

Like Esther, she was inside the kingdom of Persia for 9 years before she learned how to properly dress and adorn herself to be the mirror reflection of the King. Are you HIS mirror reflection? Or do you continue to mirror reflect your own pain, issues, struggles, life? Our responsibility is to dress ourselves and be ready for HIS coming . . . having oil, not just some… more than enough oil. Oil in our lamps and oil in our vessels. Are you so filled with the Holy Spirit today that you have more than enough oil to be ready when He calls? Get ready; He’s coming!

I’m ready! Jesus Come quickly! Even so, Come Lord Jesus!