Life is moving…quickly

Life is moving quickly now. Jesus is soon to appear and remove His bride from the earth. It will be only a remnant. Not the ‘entire church’ will be raptured. I’ve studied the 7 conditions of last days church in Revelation 2 and 3 and it’s obvious only one church will make the first rapture… it’s the Bride… it’s the church who has the ‘key of David’… the church that has rebuilt their own personal worship to where they stand pure and holy… without performance or pride.. pure holy prepared and ready… Revelation 3:7 no doubt it’s almost time. We must prepare our own hearts, lives, minds, families, our own worship to be ready… Proper worship will bring the purifying fire of HIS presence to help get out the spots and wrinkles of our ever day lives. We must be focused on HIM… HIM alone. We can not be ADD brides for the Bridgroom. He has asked for our undivided attention. We must focus, work and labor to enter into HIS rest. It is not fairy dust… it’s spiritual discipline and work to bring our own fast paced, busy life schedules into a pure and holy stream to bring us into HIS presence … we can only be prepared from HIS presence. Not some outside source that we call HIS presence… HIS presence … His secret place.

Matthew 6:6… we come into the secret place and He meets us there… He is the secret place. He is not just ‘in the secret place’ . . . . He is the secret place. Come in and shut the door… come in and shut the door of life, busy-ness, stress, stuff . . . anything that separates or distracts . . . JESUS is coming quickly now! Get ready!

I love you . . . . enough to tell you!