2017 October Newsletter


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October Salem Family Ministries 2017

Fall is officially here! October is one of my favorite months because it reminds me that for everything there is a season. If you are in a ‘bad’ season it had a beginning then it will have an end. Keep moving, praying, and pressing forward. God is always expanding your territory and your influence is continually growing! Use it for His glory and presence! You are influential; you have power from the Holy Ghost to transform the region God has given to you. Don’t be overcome! You overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of your testimony and you don’t love this life more than you love obedience! I know you want to obey God so just keep doing it! Don’t be weary in your well doing; we won’t get weary either! We press and push and go through until we are finished!

Sept. 1-2, 2017 we launched our first RISE women’s spirit filled conference and we heard the Lord say to raise up Gideon’s Army. That gave me a number to believe God for to come to the first conference and to train them and instruct them in the way that He showed me. I believed for 300 women strong and we had 366 women total! God is amazing to give more than enough! We were able to launch a Righteous Revolution Revival in the hearts of the women who were able to attend and through facebook live video we were able to put each service on Salem Family Ministries facebook page for all to watch and receive the word. In the revelation that God gave me He specifically instructed me to raise up an army of women who are strong and powerful to the pulling down of strongholds and to continue to build this army strong in number and His word. We have a web site up to receive membership www.womenofthenation.org and as people listen to the video messages we are posting on our YouTube Channel (Salem Family Ministries) and our facebook live videos people are signing up quickly. (So far almost 6000 people have watched my Friday night message from RISE.)

The Lord spoke to my heart that if I would obey Him, teach and impart what He gave me that He would turn 300 women into an army of 32,000 women very quickly so I’m under orders of the Holy Ghost and I am obeying. If you have not already gone to the web site and signed up I ask you to do so today please. What does it mean? It means we are uniting in prayer to reverse the curse over this nation that was unleashed over 50 years ago with a deceived organization of women called NOW (National Organization of Women). Please go to our Facebook page and watch my Friday night service for more information. God said reverse the 50 year curse so we are raising up an army of womenofthenation.org who will stand together, pray together and confess together what the Lord has given me that will reverse the curse! We will take America back for Jesus and dismantle the demonic stronghold piece by piece over this nation of deception, division, confusion, chaos, and strife. We will be strong again in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost!

Please say this with me each day and confess these words out loud!

Why are we here today? To make revolution!
What kind of revolution? A righteous revolution!
How do we do that? By restoring the American family.
How do we restore the American family? By restoring God as Father of this NATION.
How do we restore Father God in America? By taking back our authority in the name of Jesus and exercising our Holy Spirit power.
How do we take back our authority and power? By using the name of Jesus and operating in our Holy Spirit power
How do we do that? By restoring righteousness!
How do we restore righteousness?
 By worshiping our Father God in Spirit and Truth and filling ourselves up with the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.
How do we do that? By promoting righteousness, holiness, purity, and the supernatural miracle working power of God in our individual lives!
We can do this united by the Father God, Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. This is our mission and we have chosen to accept it. Will you stand with us? We feel your faithfulness, and more importantly, our Father God in heaven sees it. Thank you for who you are, and for how you have stood, prayed, believed, and financially supported us in this call from heaven for our land! America belongs to our God and we will take it back for His glory!
Please continue to keep us covered in prayer as we run very fast this fall with only a few days home the entire month of October. Check our web site to see if we will be near you and if we are close please come to our service in your area so we can give you a big hug and thank you for your covenant with us.

We love you dearly and thank God for you!
Cheryl, Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and RJ
Salem Family Ministries