August 2017 Newsletter

You are loved and greatly appreciated! Life is coming quickly now! Our summer is almost over; August is here with a full bang! Jesus is coming quickly and we can feel the urgency to share, speak, and sound forth His approach!

Much has happened in Salem Family Ministries since my last month’s letter to you. We now know for sure that our upcoming grandbaby due December 9, 2015 is going to be a beautiful girl. Roman and Stephanie are continuing to seek the Lord on His name for her, but as of today they think it will be Mia Gabrielle Salem. We are beyond thrilled, excited, and getting to the point we can hardly sleep thinking of her soon arrival! It won’t be long now, especially with life passing at the pace it does for us each month.

We have continued to get testimony after testimony of miracles, signs, and wonders, lives changed, identity as worshipers sealed while attending and participating in We Who Worship 2015, and the intensive sessions of School Of Worship.

We felt the Lord impress upon us that we would have seven sessions of School Of Worship in 2015, and as of yesterday we completed the fifth intensive. We have two more scheduled on the calendar. The next SOW is August at Mount Hope Church, Gilead Healing Center Building, in Lansing, MI and the final one scheduled for this calendar year is September in Newhall, CA at Elevate Church. Each intensive has proven to be exactly as the Lord promised. He told me every life would be changed forever, and each session would be full this year. It has been exactly as He said.

It’s not been easy adding these extra days during the week throughout this year as we have not backed off our preaching and teaching schedule at all, but we have added these SOW sessions in with our already busy and full schedule. The Lord is giving us the mercy and grace to do this, but we need your prayers and your financial help each month to fulfill this mandate. Many who come are called to be with us to train, but many don’t have the financial resources to afford the tuition, so Salem Family Ministries partially and fully scholarships those who can not afford it. We follow the call of the Lord and obey His voice! Thank you for your help for as you help us we can help many others find the worshiper within and we can rebuild worship together. We can fulfill Acts 15:15-17 and rebuild the ruins of worship which has fallen down and bring it to the plan of God all along; worship is about Him, never will be, never should have been, about the worshiper. We work with the heart, and train them to recognize the ‘until moments of pride’ within many gifted people.

It’s working! Worshipers are aligning with His plan and purpose! God is moving and we are obeying His command!

Harry III is teaching and preaching, traveling and speaking also. Not only has he been a great asset to teach every day in our School of Worship sessions but he also went this past month to Pastor Mark Graham’s church, Abundant Living Family Church High Desert, in Hesperia, CA and preached on the last days, and the rebuilding of the Temple in Israel! We have this on a new teaching cd and it will be available on our web site in a couple weeks. If you would like a copy as our partner, just ask us for it, and we will send it to you next month. But you have to ask for it!

We are all signed up in our ministry for Amazon Smile. If you are a buyer through Amazon, please log in using Amazon Smile. It doesn’t cost you any more, but allows you to designate a ministry or charity you would like a % to be donated from Amazon. Please choose Salem Family Ministries! It’s another way to get the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the kingdom. I am praying that we will receive enough each month to scholarship a few students for SOW each month! (I believe the Lord told us to schedule 12 School Of Worships for 2016 so we will need as much help as possible to accomplish this.)

From Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, me, and baby Salem to come, we love you and we appreciate you. We pray for you daily; we stand with you always for His kingdom to come; His will to be done on earth!

May the Lord bless you and keep you every day throughout each day with His mercy and grace. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May He guide you with His Spirit and Truth. May angels watch over you as you journey with the Holy Spirit.

We love you and thank God for you.

Cheryl, Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie and baby Salem
Salem Family Ministries

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