February 2018 Salem Family Ministries update!

I pray you received your donation letter from us and everything is in order. If our records don’t match yours for whatever reason please don’t hesitate to contact us at hcs@salemfamilyministries.org and we will do our best to make the correction for you.

We began the year of 2018 running fast with the first week of the year being a very successful School Of Worship five-day session. We are now officially an international school as we had our first worship student fly in from Germany. School Of Worship is very hard to explain, as there is so much more than simply information and knowledge being given. It is deeper and higher, more intimate, and personal too. There are so many levels of spirit, soul, and body, revelation and impartation. ‘Spirit and Truth’ are revealed from heaven to every worshiper who longs to be closer than ever before to Him. I pray that one day you will decide you want to experience a school as so many others have now done so over the past five years. The next school is scheduled in Haslett, MI March 5-6-7, 2018. If you are near this area and would like to attend go to our web site and register with a deposit to hold your place. The next scheduled SOW in Palm Desert, CA is July 23-27. These schools fill up each session so hold your place quickly. The schools are limited to 30 students per session as we work directly with each student! You can click on the link provided here and register today! www.salemfamilyministries.org

We are working tirelessly to accomplish the plan we feel the Lord has revealed to us for the coming year. Our 10th anniversary of our yearly We Who Worship Gathering is in full swing of preparation. We are planning the dinner we host in our home for approximately 100 pastors and leaders on Wednesday night June 20th. We remove all the furniture so we have room for everyone, and set up tables and chairs! It’s tight and exciting! God moves for these precious pastors on the front lines of spiritual battle! It sets the tone for the entire WWW Gathering. Please start praying for these four days.

We need space for everyone, food for everyone, revelation, and Holy Ghost impartation for everyone! Since it is the 10th year we are expecting an even holier and more intimate time. The number ‘10’ in the ancient Hebrew language means ‘law, testimony, and responsibility’. When you study the Tones of The Throne room book and workbook you will see that the 10th position, sound, or tone is the 2nd circle around the throne in the 3rd position. (First time around is the sound of the bride!) This time we expect a ‘sound from heaven’ of deeper more intimate and personal covenant than any of us have ever experienced before! Come expecting God to take you even deeper in His presence and reveal to you your greatest purpose!

Harry is writing a new book on leadership and I am writing a new book on the revelation of Rise! Women Of The Nation! I am working on a new worship CD also,

and have in my heart to record prophetically the Book Of James this spring. Dr. Harry III has just released his third book, Investigating Wonders, and his first children’s book, Count Of Ten, Say Amen. You can find these on our web site to order!

I felt the Lord impress upon me to record all 66 books of the Bible by the Spirit of God. So far we have been able to record and offer the Book of Revelation, the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ruth, and this year the Book of James. If the Lord tarries we will continue to obey and make this anointed way of listening to the Word of God available. You can order these on our web site or download them directly to your devices.

We are traveling every weekend this spring so please continue to cover us daily in your prayers, especially where our travel schedule is concerned. Being subject to the airlines and weather across the country we need much prayer coverage! Please check the web site regularly to see if we are near you, as we would love to see you as we travel America this spring!

Harry III, Roman, and Stephanie are preaching and teaching every opportunity that arises and they would love more opportunities to minister so please pray about those open doors for them. Mia Gabrielle is two years old and Roman Jr is eleven months old Feb. 15th (which is my 61st birthday!) and they are both growing so fast! They are both worshipers and it warms our hearts to see such love for His presence from those who just left heaven to come to earth!

We have successfully launched www.womenofthenation.org new web site so please check it out, and sign up (free) to pray with us for America. You can listen to a message the Lord gave me and also download every prayer email I have already sent filled with revelation and the scriptures to pray for our nation. Our next ‘Rise! Women of The Nation’ conference is March 2-3, in Lansing MI at the Gilead Healing Center. Please join Stephanie and me at this great prayer event!

There is so much happening with Salem Family Ministries, so thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support each month. If you could share with your friends and family about our ministry, about partnering with our ministry, and about attending our events and services we would greatly appreciate it. You are a big part of this ministry through our covenant with you and we need everyone helping spread the word of what the Lord is doing through Salem Family Ministries.

We pray God’s richest blessings upon you. We ask the Lord to double and triple your income this year! We ask for healing and restoration to be yours and for doors to open and His presence to pour over you in waves of His glory. We thank the Lord for His covering protection over you and that He rebukes the devourer away from you in Jesus name! Life, Father, we speak, “LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!” concerning our covenant partners who stand with us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

We love you,

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia Gabrielle, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries

January 2018 Monthly Update. Happy New Year! It’s going to be glorious!!!

You are precious to us with your faithfulness over the months and even years. We are thankful for you, truly thankful, as we begin this year. We believe the Lord rewards attitude of heart, so we begin on our knees and with thanksgiving on our lips for you. Lord, bless our partners with a deeper walk, more intimate relationship, constant love from Your heart, favor, blessings, mercy, grace, revelation, insight, wisdom, Your presence and Your power in their lives like never before! Father, we ask for a divine impartation of the anointing that is on our lives and ministry to be evident in their lives beginning on the first day of 2018.

As I prayed for this year and what the Father could want us to fulfill during the coming 365 days, I was reminded of the Hebrew meanings of numbers. Each year I share with you what the ancient Hebrew definition is for that particular number. We are in the Jewish year of 5778 and it coincides with our calendar year of 2018. Let’s focus for a moment on the number 18. It has a meaning that is not necessarily positive if taken at face value. 18 in ancient Hebrew language means ‘bondage.’ And for some who are not walking in God’s grace and favor this year will be bondage for them. This number 18 follows 17, which in ancient Hebrew means victory. I pray you pushed through and walked in your God ordained year of victory these past 365 days because if you did, you will not have to walk in a year of bondage! Once victory over flesh, and worldliness, and self is attained then bondage is dismissed!

As I sought the Lord for what we can expect in 2018 I was arrested by two words the Lord kept dropping in my spirit over and over again. He kept saying, “Ask Me for more of My power and more of My presence.” As I pondered these words from heaven, I stepped out and started asking for more of His power and more of His presence! He showed me in His word in John 3:34 that Jesus walked this earth fully as a human, but with unlimited power and presence of God’s Spirit in His life. Revelation hit me right in my heart and I jumped up and started shouting! Father, if Jesus could walk this earth with unlimited power and presence of Your Spirit then so can I! I am hidden in Christ and what is His is also mine, so thank You, Father God, that I have an unlimited supply of Your presence and Your power in my life!

I want you to know that we are praying and believing and receiving this impartation from heaven and you can have it too because you covenant partner with us each month. I want you to expect an unlimited measure of God’s presence and power in operation in your life from this day forth! I want you to expect it! I want you to shout it and thank God for it. I want you to watch the move of God’s Spirit in and through your every day life. Guard what comes out of your mouth like never before. Blessing and cursing ought not to come out of the same lips! Bless the Lord! Thank the Lord. Praise the Lord. Glorify and magnify the Lord! Watch what the Lord is doing in your life daily!

We believe the Lord for many things this year. We have been able to give substantial scholarships to help students attend our School Of Worship training sessions.

In 2017 we were able to hold four School of Worship training sessions with over 130 students in attendance. Your help each month helps support this ministry so we can train others. Any additional help you can give us will help us be able to scholarship even more students throughout the coming year.

We were able to hold our yearly We Who Worship Gathering in June and had approximately 700 worshipers attend from all over the nation. We have scheduled our 10th anniversary We Who Worship Gathering June 21-23, 2018. We pray you will be able to come and support this great work of breaking forth into the heavenlies with pure praise and holy worship. We may never know until we get to heaven what is actually happening in the heavenlies in these three days. Over the past few years we have added a dinner in our home on Wednesday night before we begin WWW for pastors and we bless them with a meal, ministry tools, gifts and ministry time with a special guest to impart directly to them. This is an investment from our ministry but who better to plant seed into than precious pastors from all over the nation who have laid their lives down for Jesus Christ. Each year the number has increased and we have maxed out at 112 this past year! Only the Lord knows how we were able to seat that many for dinner but if God could take a few loaves and fish and feed 5000 men this is a small thing for the Lord to make room in a home for everyone! We trust Him and He always comes through perfectly! You are investing in all these lives and ministries by partnering with us each month.

We launched Rise, Women Of The Nation conference and web site this past fall and we have heard from heaven to hold these conferences in as many states as we can this year. Our first one is scheduled in the capital of Michigan, which is Lansing, March 2-3. It is not by accident that it is the weekend following Purim! We will change the nation for the glory of God through prayer and intercession. Please pray for these events and for open doors in every state! If you feel led to help us hold a Rise Women Of The Nation conference in your area please contact me!

We continue to travel, preach, teach, and evangelize every week as the Lord opens the doors we run through them! We continue to write books, record new worship and teaching cds, and prophetically singing the books of the Bible on cd as well. We have the Book of Revelation, Proverbs, and Ruth completed so far. It’s glorious to hear the Word like this.

Our grandchildren have been huge blessings to us this past year. Mia Gabrielle turned 2 December 6th, and Roman Jr. will be 1 March 15th! It was a very exciting Christmas for the Salem household this year! Roman, Stephanie, and Harry III are all preaching every opportunity they receive. Stephanie is speaking in every Rise conference with me! Truly we have seen the fulfillment of many years of prophesying Salem FAMILY Ministries. It’s here and for that and so much more we are so thankful.

There is so much to share! The anointing has greatly increased. Miracles, signs, and wonders are happening in every service. Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Healings, Miracles, are all happening! We are walking in the Spirit of God without measure! It’s glorious! Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for your friendship!

We love you! It’s going to be your best year ever! Ours too!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia Gabrielle, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries

Merry Christmas!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas season is already here but here we are! What a wonderful year for Salem Family Ministries. This has been a year of continual victory in every sense of the word. 17 in Hebrew is the number for victory and we have experienced it, called it in, confessed it, and received it this year. We have traveled and ministered the entire year almost without stopping! All of us have been preaching, from Harry and me, to Harry 3, Roman, and Stephanie! Even Mia and Roman Jr. have enjoyed worshiping on the platform at both We Who Worship Gathering in June, and Rise! Women of the Nation Conference in September!

What a joy to see generations of Salem Family Ministries in full surrender and commitment to the call of God on this family. Your faithfulness to help us, believe in us and with us each month is so heart warming and comforting to know we are not standing alone! You stand with us in prayer, friendship, covenant, and financially each month and in every area of your life we believe God for harvest for you!

We have asked for the rain of His presence to be upon every seed you have planted this year, as this is the revelation that has changed our prayer life. We ask God to send forth the supernatural rain of the Spirit of God upon each and every seed to produce the greatest richest crop of the manifested presence of Almighty God for you in every area and realm! Spirit, soul, and body we have asked God to bless you.

We have seen thousands of salvations this year through this ministry with many confirmed miracles. The anointing has greatly increased in the prophetic realm for healings, deliverances, and miracles too. If you are near one of our services please plan on being with us in the coming months.

We prophesy over you right now that the coming year of 2018 be a release of God’s glory and presence like never before for you. We declare a heavenly breakthrough blessing spirit be upon you in your family, health, healing, deliverance and finances. Father God, bless our covenant family with the realm of ‘heaven on earth’ beginning now in Jesus mighty name. We declare the anointing of God to rest upon you and angels to watch over you each and every day of your life from this day forth.

For unto us a Child is born; unto us a Son is given. And the government shall be upon His shoulders and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. With every breath you take from reading these words may you know that Jesus Christ has come and done ALL that is needed to bring you into the place of His peace; He promised to never leave you or forsake you and He is with you right this moment. Just breathe in of His Spirit and breathe out everything that is not like God. All stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, disease, poverty thinking, fear of literally anything and everything must go in the name of Jesus Christ. He is your divine government and you can rest in knowing that He’s got this!

We speak the name of Jesus for you of freedom! Free from bondage, free from people pleasing, free from anything and everything that would try and destroy your future; you are free in Jesus’ name.

Lord, we ask that you open their eyes so they can see what is unseen, and open their ears so they can hear what You are saying. Father, let the realm of eternity be with them every moment of this holiday season as we celebrate the birth of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ. Father, bless and prosper them in every area of their lives; may everything they touch be turned to prosperity, wholeness, and healing for them. Father, we ask that every shut door be opened for them and every demonic open door be shut in Jesus name. We pray as they stand with us in this family ministry that they always feel Your love, help, and support as we feel their love, help, and support. Above all else, Lord, even so, come quickly!

For many years we have confessed and believed even with the name of this ministry for the next generation to answer every call of the Lord upon their lives and we can say for sure, that all three of our children are walking in their calling. We encourage you to check your confession and make sure you have not grown weary in your well doing. Make sure your confession and your prayer life lines up with the Word of God. Confess and pray the scriptures in every situation and never ever confess or pray the circumstances or what you are seeing in the negative natural realm. God watches over His word to perform it so say what He has said. Put a watch over your mouth and a guard over your heart especially during this busy month ahead when we can become more distracted by the ‘busy-ness’ than stay focused on our knees in prayer.

This season like all seasons are for Him and Him alone. This season and every day are for His glory. Make plenty of time to be with Him, pray, confess, and spend quiet time in His presence. As you may have seen me say while preaching on a facebook clip, if you want to walk in the power of the Lord and resist the devil on every turn, ‘unfriend’ the world.

Thank you for staying friends and family with this ministry. We love you and pray God’s richest blessings on you during this month and into next year!

Our Christmas blessing for you is this. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May He always be with you and fill you with His love, grace, mercy, and peace. May your days be filled with His light and love and your home be filled with laughter and joy from above.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia Gabrielle, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries

Don’t forget to sign up to pray with me for America at www.womenofthenation.org and follow us on Facebook at Salem Family Ministries page. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our video messages at Salem Family Ministries channel.



This past month seems like a blur to Harry and me since we were only home 8 days the entire month! After 38 years of full time traveling evangelism, we know we are graced to do this! Some days we miss our children and grandchildren, but then the Lord gives us a surge of strength and we finish the course in front of us. Your prayers and support help us tremendously. There are times when we have to believe God for even more help, and we get home and you have answered the cry of our hearts. Your faithfulness to help us each month means more than words will ever be able to express this side of heaven. Please know we love and appreciate you. We never take you for granted, and we always pray for you.

We were able to cover 8 states this month and the Lord moved in every place! He promised in Luke 10:1 that He would send us out two by two into every town and place in which He was about to go, so we know we obey His voice and go before Him. We start the worship and the Word and He shows up with the power, miracles, signs, wonders, and best of all, His salvation! Lives are being changed everywhere we go and you are sending us! For every person whose life is touched through this ministry it goes to your heavenly account and is added to your rewards in heaven. I pray you know this each time you send your donation to help us that we are ‘all’ going together to reach the lost for Jesus Christ!

We continue to pray for more people to stand with us each month and the Lord sends those whom He chooses. He has always been, and always will be, faithful! Testimonies are coming in from our Salem Family Ministries YouTube channel. I hope you have found our ministry channel and have subscribed simply by giving us your email. If you have not followed us on Facebook please do so as we are posting live teaching videos throughout the month as the Lord gives us opportunity.

This fall the Lord has been stirring my heart to re-study and teach on spiritual warfare so we, as a body of believers, are prepared for what is ahead. We have already won but we must remember this. The devil hopes we forget who we are in Christ and that we forget how to stand our ground and resist him. He must flee when we SUBMIT TO GOD AND RESIST THE DEVIL. (James 4:7) It is a two-step process so make sure you start with step one. Check your submission to the Lord first and foremost. I say this because I find that if I do not daily go before the Lord, I get busy doing things for the Lord, and forget to spend any time ‘with’ the Lord. Our submission to Him can only come from our constant time with Him!

We cannot know His plans or purpose or will unless we are spending quiet time alone with Him EACH DAY! It’s a constant battle to stay focused and not get distracted. It’s a constant battle to keep our minds ‘stayed on Him’ and stay in His peace each moment (Isaiah 26). This peace is not fairy dust and it doesn’t just get on us; we must willfully work at being with Him, submitting to Him, and staying submitted to Him.

Then step two is very simple and easy to do! Resist the devil and he must flee from us. We put too much emphasis on this step as if this is a great big work and battle plan. Step one is the battle! Submit to God! Daily, all day, staying submitted to God is the true and real battle. Once we understand this is where the warfare really happens then our focus is correct and our position is perfect! We are on our knees with our hands lifted high in full surrender to His perfect will. Then we have the power necessary and needed to resist the devil and he will get away from you, and fast!

I have enclosed for you the message I presented at Rise: Women Of The Nation in September. I ask that you listen to it since you are a big part of this ministry and align your prayers with us to take this nation back for the glory of God. I pray you will join me, if you have not already done so, by going to our new web site specifically for praying and interceding for this nation, www.womenofthenation.org and become a member of this prophetic prayer and intercession team to reverse the curse over America and launch God’s Righteous Revolution for the massive revival that is coming quickly.

We have scheduled our 2nd Rise! Women Of The Nation conference, March 2-3, 2018 at the Gilead Healing Center on Creyts Rd, in Lansing Mi. You can register on our web site www.salemfamilyministries.org so I know you are coming! I need you there with me! The Lord told me to raise up Gideon’s Army so I release my faith for 300 women to join me to pray, intercede and worship for the breakthrough in America! We will bring the strongholds down in Jesus’ name!

Thanksgiving is the theme of this month and I want you to know that Harry and I are very thankful for you in our personal lives and in this ministry. We are thankful for the grace of God to connect us together in this covenant relationship. We pray the Lord pours out His presence over you during this month. We pray for restoration, healing, and wholeness to be yours during this season. We ask the Lord to send the rain on every seed you plant and bring forth His harvest for you and your family. It’s the season to be thankful! Father, we thank You for sending Jesus Christ who has saved us and made a way for us to live, truly live, for You! We thank You for the Holy Ghost and power to walk through this life and finish strong with the authority of the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost! Thank You for our partners!

We pray you will stay strong in this season and keep watch on our schedule on our web site. If you are not a weekly intercessor with us please go to our web site and sign up and join us. This means you will get an email from us weekly saying where we are, what time our services are, etc. so you can stand in the gap for us each week!

Don’t forget how much we love you and how thankful we are for your constant love, support, help, prayers, and intercession! Be blessed beyond measure today!

We love you!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman, Jr.
Salem Family Ministries


October Salem Family Ministries 2017

Fall is officially here! October is one of my favorite months because it reminds me that for everything there is a season. If you are in a ‘bad’ season it had a beginning then it will have an end. Keep moving, praying, and pressing forward. God is always expanding your territory and your influence is continually growing! Use it for His glory and presence! You are influential; you have power from the Holy Ghost to transform the region God has given to you. Don’t be overcome! You overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of your testimony and you don’t love this life more than you love obedience! I know you want to obey God so just keep doing it! Don’t be weary in your well doing; we won’t get weary either! We press and push and go through until we are finished!

Sept. 1-2, 2017 we launched our first RISE women’s spirit filled conference and we heard the Lord say to raise up Gideon’s Army. That gave me a number to believe God for to come to the first conference and to train them and instruct them in the way that He showed me. I believed for 300 women strong and we had 366 women total! God is amazing to give more than enough! We were able to launch a Righteous Revolution Revival in the hearts of the women who were able to attend and through facebook live video we were able to put each service on Salem Family Ministries facebook page for all to watch and receive the word. In the revelation that God gave me He specifically instructed me to raise up an army of women who are strong and powerful to the pulling down of strongholds and to continue to build this army strong in number and His word. We have a web site up to receive membership www.womenofthenation.org and as people listen to the video messages we are posting on our YouTube Channel (Salem Family Ministries) and our facebook live videos people are signing up quickly. (So far almost 6000 people have watched my Friday night message from RISE.)

The Lord spoke to my heart that if I would obey Him, teach and impart what He gave me that He would turn 300 women into an army of 32,000 women very quickly so I’m under orders of the Holy Ghost and I am obeying. If you have not already gone to the web site and signed up I ask you to do so today please. What does it mean? It means we are uniting in prayer to reverse the curse over this nation that was unleashed over 50 years ago with a deceived organization of women called NOW (National Organization of Women). Please go to our Facebook page and watch my Friday night service for more information. God said reverse the 50 year curse so we are raising up an army of womenofthenation.org who will stand together, pray together and confess together what the Lord has given me that will reverse the curse! We will take America back for Jesus and dismantle the demonic stronghold piece by piece over this nation of deception, division, confusion, chaos, and strife. We will be strong again in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost!

Please say this with me each day and confess these words out loud!

Why are we here today? To make revolution!
What kind of revolution? A righteous revolution!
How do we do that? By restoring the American family.
How do we restore the American family? By restoring God as Father of this NATION.
How do we restore Father God in America? By taking back our authority in the name of Jesus and exercising our Holy Spirit power.
How do we take back our authority and power? By using the name of Jesus and operating in our Holy Spirit power
How do we do that? By restoring righteousness!
How do we restore righteousness?
 By worshiping our Father God in Spirit and Truth and filling ourselves up with the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.
How do we do that? By promoting righteousness, holiness, purity, and the supernatural miracle working power of God in our individual lives!
We can do this united by the Father God, Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. This is our mission and we have chosen to accept it. Will you stand with us? We feel your faithfulness, and more importantly, our Father God in heaven sees it. Thank you for who you are, and for how you have stood, prayed, believed, and financially supported us in this call from heaven for our land! America belongs to our God and we will take it back for His glory!
Please continue to keep us covered in prayer as we run very fast this fall with only a few days home the entire month of October. Check our web site to see if we will be near you and if we are close please come to our service in your area so we can give you a big hug and thank you for your covenant with us.

We love you dearly and thank God for you!
Cheryl, Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and RJ
Salem Family Ministries

September 2017 Ministry update for you!

Dear and precious covenant partner,

I waited until today to write to you because we launched our first Spirit Filled Ladies Conference over the past two days and I wanted to wait until it was complete before writing. I want to share with you what the Lord has done and is doing in a bigger way through our ministry right now.

Harry came in where I was praying about a year ago and he said, “It’s time.” I said, “For what?” And Harry answered, “For you to do women’s conferences again.” I laid down women’s conferences that our ministry would present about twenty years ago under instructions of the Holy Ghost. He said to me in the 1990’s, “Give ladies conferences to Me, and I’ll give them back to you at a higher level.” It was a hard thing to lay down but I did it under obedience to the Holy Ghost. It’s not that I have not spoken at women’s conferences and meetings. I have done this for many decades! But our ministry has not sponsored these events. I have been a guest speaker for others who have invited me to come.

When Harry came a year ago and said this while he had been in prayer and heard the Lord I simply said ‘yes’ and began to prepare for it. We were able to get a location and a time on the calendar for Sept. 1-2, 2017. I am writing this to you on the 3rd and the Lord is good. He gave it back to me at a much higher level. We were able to host 366 women at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and the Holy Spirit was so evident and powerful. There were over 20 first time salvations, over 20 different women filled with the Holy Ghost, miracles, signs and wonders and many lives changed. I am getting a flood of testimonies today from women who were healed.

One lady came running forward for me to lay hands on her when the anointing was so strong and she could not see. As I prayed and laid my hands on her, her eyes got clearer. Then I prayed again, and even more clarity she said. One of her eyes she could only see out of the center of it with no peripheral vision. As I prayed time after time more and more of the circle of ‘nothing’ disappeared and her vision started coming back enlarging the circle bigger and bigger with each laying on of my hands and the Lord’s power flowing into her. There were many manifested and confirmed miracles and the most miraculous for me were the number of ladies visibly set free. God specifically said to me Friday morning before we began the first session as I asked Him what did He want for this weekend? He said, “Set My women free.” I said, “Yes, Lord.”

Our precious daughter, Stephanie, brought a word from the Lord for this generation and as she gave her testimony of how the Lord brought her through to her healing and against horrific diagnosis, showing the pictures of when she first came out of brain tumor removal surgery. There was not a dry eye in the house. The Lord moved mightily through her testimony. We are very thankful for this amazing gift to our family and now second generation of women preachers! Glory to God! Little Mia Gabrielle is not far behind!

Please continue to pray for us and keep us covered in prayer, as this fall is very busy with many travels, preaching, teaching, and healing services. The family is doing so well. Now we truly represent a family ministry with the manifestation of generations of preachers going forth obeying the Holy Ghost. Dr. Harry III and Dr. Harry II will be traveling to Borger TX this month to preach as father/son duo at a men’s retreat while Roman stays in CA and preaches for Peace in the Valley in Rancho Cucamonga! Harry and I will fly to Morganton, NC toward the end of the month and finish up the final day of Sept. 30th, and Oct 1st at Mount Hope Church, in Grand Blanc, MI. What a blessing to see God move so strongly in this next generation.

Little Mia and Roman Jr. are such precious little throne room worshipers as they light up and start moving as quickly as they hear the worship music! We are blessed to have generations of soldiers for Jesus Christ!

If you missed our RISE conference but would like to hear the messages you can visit and like the page of Salem Family Ministries on facebook. We were able to go ‘live video’ to that page so you can watch each message. Make sure you listen to Stephanie’s message on Saturday morning and my message Friday night as I launched a righteous revolution revival for #womenofthenation to take back our nation for Jesus Christ!

We love you and pray for you daily. We are so thankful for your prayers and your covenant to keep us covered. Please pray the Lord sends us more partners to stand with us, more finances to accomplish even greater measures for His glory, and for more strength, power, and glory of the Lord to be upon us as we travel and preach extensively this fall.

Hopefully we will see you in a service soon!

Start making plans to be here with us next June 21-22-23 for our We Who Worship Gathering’s tenth anniversary as our covenant family. We want you here with us!

We love you,

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman, Jr
Salem Family Ministries

You are loved and greatly appreciated! Life is coming quickly now! Our summer is almost over; August is here with a full bang! Jesus is coming quickly and we can feel the urgency to share, speak, and sound forth His approach!

Much has happened in Salem Family Ministries since my last month’s letter to you. We now know for sure that our upcoming grandbaby due December 9, 2015 is going to be a beautiful girl. Roman and Stephanie are continuing to seek the Lord on His name for her, but as of today they think it will be Mia Gabrielle Salem. We are beyond thrilled, excited, and getting to the point we can hardly sleep thinking of her soon arrival! It won’t be long now, especially with life passing at the pace it does for us each month.

We have continued to get testimony after testimony of miracles, signs, and wonders, lives changed, identity as worshipers sealed while attending and participating in We Who Worship 2015, and the intensive sessions of School Of Worship.

We felt the Lord impress upon us that we would have seven sessions of School Of Worship in 2015, and as of yesterday we completed the fifth intensive. We have two more scheduled on the calendar. The next SOW is August at Mount Hope Church, Gilead Healing Center Building, in Lansing, MI and the final one scheduled for this calendar year is September in Newhall, CA at Elevate Church. Each intensive has proven to be exactly as the Lord promised. He told me every life would be changed forever, and each session would be full this year. It has been exactly as He said.

It’s not been easy adding these extra days during the week throughout this year as we have not backed off our preaching and teaching schedule at all, but we have added these SOW sessions in with our already busy and full schedule. The Lord is giving us the mercy and grace to do this, but we need your prayers and your financial help each month to fulfill this mandate. Many who come are called to be with us to train, but many don’t have the financial resources to afford the tuition, so Salem Family Ministries partially and fully scholarships those who can not afford it. We follow the call of the Lord and obey His voice! Thank you for your help for as you help us we can help many others find the worshiper within and we can rebuild worship together. We can fulfill Acts 15:15-17 and rebuild the ruins of worship which has fallen down and bring it to the plan of God all along; worship is about Him, never will be, never should have been, about the worshiper. We work with the heart, and train them to recognize the ‘until moments of pride’ within many gifted people.

It’s working! Worshipers are aligning with His plan and purpose! God is moving and we are obeying His command!

Harry III is teaching and preaching, traveling and speaking also. Not only has he been a great asset to teach every day in our School of Worship sessions but he also went this past month to Pastor Mark Graham’s church, Abundant Living Family Church High Desert, in Hesperia, CA and preached on the last days, and the rebuilding of the Temple in Israel! We have this on a new teaching cd and it will be available on our web site in a couple weeks. If you would like a copy as our partner, just ask us for it, and we will send it to you next month. But you have to ask for it!

We are all signed up in our ministry for Amazon Smile. If you are a buyer through Amazon, please log in using Amazon Smile. It doesn’t cost you any more, but allows you to designate a ministry or charity you would like a % to be donated from Amazon. Please choose Salem Family Ministries! It’s another way to get the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the kingdom. I am praying that we will receive enough each month to scholarship a few students for SOW each month! (I believe the Lord told us to schedule 12 School Of Worships for 2016 so we will need as much help as possible to accomplish this.)

From Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, me, and baby Salem to come, we love you and we appreciate you. We pray for you daily; we stand with you always for His kingdom to come; His will to be done on earth!

May the Lord bless you and keep you every day throughout each day with His mercy and grace. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May He guide you with His Spirit and Truth. May angels watch over you as you journey with the Holy Spirit.

We love you and thank God for you.

Cheryl, Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie and baby Salem
Salem Family Ministries

PS. Don’t forget to find our channel on YouTube and sign up with your email address. Our web site is for your convenience to order our messages, books, and music. Books, teaching and music are now available in downloadable versions right off our web site!

We have completed half of the year of victory and have much to report as to the goodness and grace of the Lord in June! We had the largest We Who Worship Gathering ever this past June with 650 worshipers in attendance. We began on Wednesday night June 14th with a dinner in our home for over 100 pastors and leaders across this nation. We had a special man of God, Pastor Al Brice, fly in to impart to our precious friends in ministry and it was a glorious evening. Then on Thursday, June 15th, we began with registration and check in for everyone arriving from all over the country and by 1:00PM we were in full swing of We Who Worship Gathering 2017. We worshiped and cried out to God for three days to birth the Righteous Revolution Revival that the Lord has shown us in a vision for America.

When I received the vision of the Tidal Wave of Righteous Revolution Revival hitting both coasts of the United States in January I expected to see an outpouring of revival right away but months passed and while we were having wonderful services across the country with many salvations, healings, and deliverances I was not seeing what I believed as the fulfillment of the January vision the Lord had given me. As I have taken this to prayer the Lord revealed to me that He gave the vision so I would start prophesying, praying, and believing for its fulfillment, which we have done and many have joined us across the nation.

I’m beginning to realize that God will send a prophet with a word, then the word must be given repeatedly, sounding God’s plan into the atmosphere of a nation, until the people hear the plan of God. Then time is a huge element of the fulfillment of God’s plan. I’ve known this all my life from when the milkman, Mr. Horton, brought the word to me as a very young girl that ‘One day little girl you are going to be Miss America,’ until 17 years later it was fulfilled. I could site instance after instance of this in my own personal life and I’m certain you could too. We are in the ‘time’ part now of the Righteous Revolution Revival coming for America.

I have recorded a new worship CD entitled Righteous Revolution and all the songs are crying out for God to send the rain of His presence, to send revival to America, and save us, cleanse us, and teach us how to live in righteousness.

This month we have a School Of Worship session here in Palm Desert CA. Please pray for those who are supposed to be here will register and join us. We only have 10 positions left for that school. It’s extremely hot here this time of year so please pray for a miracle week of ‘less heat’. The last week of August we have another School Of Worship at Daystar Int. Church in Tuscaloosa, AL. If you are in the south we would love to have you join us for this 3-day intensive session of training and impartation.

Please pray with us and seek the Lord with us for what God is about to do here in America. We can feel it when we pray. We can see it with our spirit eyes. We need to pray and seek His face even more right now. We need to see His power, and presence more manifested in our American churches each week. We need the glory of God to be visibly seen in His bride and His church.

We are traveling the entire month of August in Michigan, Indiana, and Alabama. We start out at Mount Hope Church in Lansing, then to South Bend, IN, then on to Gaylord, MI. After the first three weeks are completed we will jump on a plane and finish up with a School of Worship and Sunday services in Northport (Tuscaloosa) Al. The very next weekend will be our first in many years, RISE spirit filled ladies conference at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Please keep all our dates and especially our gatherings and conferences covered in prayer. We are in covenant together and what God is doing in and through us He is doing in and through you as well!

Last month, Harry III, completely shocked me during the Friday night service of We Who Worship, when he petitioned a University and Seminary into giving me an honorary doctorate degree! He wrote the letter and turned in all the necessary documentation and he presented me with the diploma himself! I am still overwhelmed and humbled at this gesture and how much work he put into it for me to receive such an honor as this! I am eternally grateful and very thankful.

Jesus is coming; there is no doubt in my mind. We are continuing to reach our generation for Jesus Christ and teach and train the next generation so they can reach their generation!

We are all good here. Mia Gabrielle is developing in her music even at 18 months old as a worshiper, and little Roman Jr, is discovering how much he loves music and worship also. God is so good to give us double in our latter seasons. Look for double blessings in your life!

Harry, H3, Roman, and Stephanie are all well. We continue to press and push for the kingdom of God and we are enjoying every step of this journey.

We pray God’s richest blessings over you. We call for His rain in due season to fall on you, both former and latter rains to come forth bringing with the rain the greatest harvests you have ever known or experienced. We ask the Lord for an unprecedented year of His blessings on you. We thank the Lord for every field you have planted during the past decade of spiritual drought on this land to come forth at the same time all filled with the richest of harvests for you.

We thank the Lord for healing and restoring you, your family, and your finances. We long to see you in our meetings so if you can come to RISE Sept. 1-2 we would love to see you and worship with you for His glory as we RISE above the earth realm to finish our days in His glory!

We love you dearly,

Cheryl, Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries

June is here! So exciting for us as our annual We Who Worship Gathering 2017 is here! Life seems to be moving much quicker now and a year seems to be passing much faster! Do you feel this way also? We are realizing this is a scientifically proven happening as the earth is speeding up as the Schumann Resonance (the frequency of the earth) has leaped in frequency! It jumped in 2014 from a constant frequency of 7.83 HZ to 16 HZ with bursts up to 20 HZ. In the beginning of this year, January 2017, the Schumann Resonance basically doubled in frequency again! Now with the hum of the earth sped up to over 30 HZ with jumps to 36 the earth is awakening for the glory of the Lord! Where does the earth get its frequency? From human brain waves! Our brains have sped up and the earth is matching humanity! Which means humanity is awakening to the sound of heaven, and the voice of the Spirit of God is calling us to be in harmony and rhythm with Him!

I won’t get too deep into the teaching of this scientifically proven physics phenomenon, but suffice it to say, the earth is humming at a higher pitch! The earth and humanity are singing and worshiping God at a higher level and I can hardly contain myself when I think of the several years study I did on Tones of the Throne Room book and workbook, the ‘Keys of the Kingdom’ and the first verse in Revelation 4 when the angel said to John, “Come up higher!” We, as a human race, are coming up higher and I want you to be very aware of the sound of your worship and the increased pull of God on your spirit to worship Him! If you have not studied through the book and workbook Tones of the Throne Room it is time now!

We are releasing a brand new worship CD this month. It ties with the prophetic word the Lord gave us in January about the tidal wave of revival. The Lord gave me a song entitled Righteous Revolution! The entire CD is filled with a prophetic call for a revival of righteousness to hit us through the rain of His Spirit and Presence! We are calling forth God’s Righteous Revolution revival to hit this nation and His church now! You can order this new CD and all of our ministry tools from our web site www.salemfamilyministries.org

There is a heightened level of His anointing on us right now. We feel it when we preach and when we lay hands on people in the prayer lines. Healings, miracles, signs and wonders are happening in every service. Many salvations and rededications of lives are coming to Jesus! This is what you are partnering with here in Salem Family Ministries. Expect more anointing and power in your life through this divine connection with us. God is moving and we are moving with Him!

Last Sunday we had over twenty hands raised for salvation. Afterward we prayed for many people in the prayer line. I laid my hands on a lady in the prayer line and spoke a word from the Lord to her in her ear. When I finished praying she turned and went into the bathroom. She came right out giving testimony that a lump in her breast had disappeared as I prayed for her! God is moving mightily and His power is here to save, heal, and deliver.

We are anointed to reach our generation for Jesus Christ and to train the next generation to reach their generation. We see an entire generation that has only heard of the move of the Holy Ghost with power, healing, and deliverance. It is time for us to teach them, train them, and impart to them so they can experience what so many of us have already experienced! And I don’t know about you but I hunger and thirst for MORE! We want more of Your presence, Lord; more of Your power, Father! We want more of YOU! This nation needs a Righteous Revolution Father!

Please remember to pray for us during We Who Worship Gathering June 14 (pastors dinner in our home), 15th, 16th, and 17th. We expect a powerful tidal wave of a righteous revival to flow over and through every person! I hope you are coming! It’s going to be powerful.

Many things are coming up in July 24-28; our next School Of Worship session is in Palm Desert, CA at Homewood Suites hotel. In Alabama at Daystar Int. Church we will have a School of Worship session in August 24-26. You can register on our web site or call our office, (918)-639-1747 and speak with Debbie Squire. These School of Worship sessions will fill up so call immediately and hold your place. We only train 30 students per session and we are almost full so call today.

If you have not already made plans to be with us in September 1-2, for Rise Ladies Conference in Rancho Mirage, CA please make those plans quickly! Mark your calendar and get ready! You can register on our web site.

So many things happening in Salem Family Ministries and because of you we are able to go wherever the Lord leads us regardless of that church’s ability to help us financially. You send us and you go with us each week as we preach the good news of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following!

When others have backed off of the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Spirit of God we have plunged in deeper! We will not be like this so called ‘relevant church generation’ who has forgotten the power of the Holy Ghost and a righteous Father God who calls us all to live holy and righteous lives. We stand when others have fallen. We move forward when others are retreating and you are sending us! Thank you. Lord, bless every seed planted by our precious partners and send the rain of Your presence on every field. Lord, we call forth the former and latter rains for each seed to produce an unprecedented harvest in this season, Father! Send the rain Lord; Send the rain!

People who don’t have seed in the ground don’t like rain and think it is a nuisance, but for those of us with seed in the ground we all cry out together, “Lord, send the rain!” Cry out with us and may the heavens open up over us and pour forth His presence, glory, and power!

We love and appreciate you more than you can ever know!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman, Jr
Salem Family Ministries

Harry Salem III keeps his listeners captivated with the in-depth knowledge and wisdom the Lord has given him to teach us on the history of angels and demons . He shows us that angels and demons are anointed to carry out their duties, they have a free will and the ability to choose and decide things for themselves.  Harry tells us that Lucifer chose to operate outside of his nature and you will learn how and why Lucifer fell and everything that led up to this event.   This audio teaching is available for your gift of $8.00.