The Tones of the Throne Room book by Cheryl Salem is full of revelation. This will give you a mental picture of the throne room of God. For you gift of $15.00

Worship, true ‘Davidic worship,’ has fallen down and now lies in ruins.
It’s time to restore and rebuild the ruins of worship … one worshiper at a
time! Sent to you for your donation of $15.

The Rise of an Orphan Generation: Longing for a Father, is geared to men and women who have not been fathered in God’s way. For your gift of $15.

This exciting new book by Harry & Cheryl Salem is an interactive ‘handbook’ on marriage! Ever wish your mate came with ‘instructions’? Check out this book!  For your gift of $15.00.

The purpose of this book is to raise up worshipers with a clean heart,
called to be instruments of worship by the Holy Spirit.  For your gift of $15.

True rest that we long for, the very longing of our deepest soul… that
rest is found hidden inside HIM. That rest we long for… IS HIM.  For your gift of $15.00

Gabrielle’s story. Discover the healing power of God’s love to take you
from grief to glory and from mourning to morning. Sent to you for your gift of $15. (hard cover)

Follow up book to From Mourning to Morning. Rediscovering life after loss. Sent to you for your gift of $15. (hard cover)