Tones of the Throne Room

The Tones of the Throne Room book by Cheryl Salem is full of revelation. This will give you a mental picture of the throne room of God. For you gift of $15.00

Keys of the Kingdom

This audio teaching by Cheryl Salem explains the true meaning to the Keys “of” the Kingdom.


Songs on this CD include:
1. Awaken
2. Praise Him
3. The Anthem
4. No One Else
5. Every Praise
6. Break Every Chain
7. Beneath the Waters
8. We Cry Holy
9. Revelation Song
10. I’m A Lover of Your Presence
11. To Worship You I Live

Draw a Line

Audio teaching by Cheryl Salem

Finding Your Voice

Audio teaching by Harry and Cheryl Salem

Come Up Higher!

Prophetic CD

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Prophetic Instrumentals – Part 1 Digital Download (mp3)

This is the digital download from Cheryl’s CD , Prophetic Instrumentals, part 1. We are offering digital downloads of this anointed 2 disc set in  3 separate digital downloads for $4.99 each.

This download contains the following mp3 tracks:

01 Amazing
02 Beginning
03 He Lives
04 Awesome C
05 Awesome A
06 No Place
07 Can Anything
08 Methology
09 Paths
10 Foot Steps

Digital Download contains 10 songs


The Lord Has Need of You

Audio teaching by Harry Salem

Entering Rest…Be Still eBook