Amazing worship music! This CD contains beautiful, anointed expressions of love for the Father.  For your gift of $15.

Powerful, anointed worship songs from Cheryl Salem. Sent to you for your
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The Glory is Here CD can usher you into the presence of God! Sent to you
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Contains songs that can inspire you to move into a deeper trust
relationship with God! Sent to you for your donation of $10.00.

Worship, true ‘Davidic worship,’ has fallen down and now lies in ruins.
It’s time to restore and rebuild the ruins of worship … one worshiper at a
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The Rise of an Orphan Generation: Longing for a Father, is geared to men and women who have not been fathered in God’s way. For your gift of $15.

This exciting new book by Harry & Cheryl Salem is an interactive ‘handbook’ on marriage! Ever wish your mate came with ‘instructions’? Check out this book!  For your gift of $15.00.

The purpose of this book is to raise up worshipers with a clean heart,
called to be instruments of worship by the Holy Spirit.  For your gift of $15.