February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Salem Family Ministries update!

I pray you received your donation letter from us and everything is in order. If our records don’t match yours for whatever reason please don’t hesitate to contact us at hcs@salemfamilyministries.org and we will do our best to make the correction for you.

We began the year of 2018 running fast with the first week of the year being a very successful School Of Worship five-day session. We are now officially an international school as we had our first worship student fly in from Germany. School Of Worship is very hard to explain, as there is so much more than simply information and knowledge being given. It is deeper and higher, more intimate, and personal too. There are so many levels of spirit, soul, and body, revelation and impartation. ‘Spirit and Truth’ are revealed from heaven to every worshiper who longs to be closer than ever before to Him. I pray that one day you will decide you want to experience a school as so many others have now done so over the past five years. The next school is scheduled in Haslett, MI March 5-6-7, 2018. If you are near this area and would like to attend go to our web site and register with a deposit to hold your place. The next scheduled SOW in Palm Desert, CA is July 23-27. These schools fill up each session so hold your place quickly. The schools are limited to 30 students per session as we work directly with each student! You can click on the link provided here and register today! www.salemfamilyministries.org

We are working tirelessly to accomplish the plan we feel the Lord has revealed to us for the coming year. Our 10th anniversary of our yearly We Who Worship Gathering is in full swing of preparation. We are planning the dinner we host in our home for approximately 100 pastors and leaders on Wednesday night June 20th. We remove all the furniture so we have room for everyone, and set up tables and chairs! It’s tight and exciting! God moves for these precious pastors on the front lines of spiritual battle! It sets the tone for the entire WWW Gathering. Please start praying for these four days.

We need space for everyone, food for everyone, revelation, and Holy Ghost impartation for everyone! Since it is the 10th year we are expecting an even holier and more intimate time. The number ‘10’ in the ancient Hebrew language means ‘law, testimony, and responsibility’. When you study the Tones of The Throne room book and workbook you will see that the 10th position, sound, or tone is the 2nd circle around the throne in the 3rd position. (First time around is the sound of the bride!) This time we expect a ‘sound from heaven’ of deeper more intimate and personal covenant than any of us have ever experienced before! Come expecting God to take you even deeper in His presence and reveal to you your greatest purpose!

Harry is writing a new book on leadership and I am writing a new book on the revelation of Rise! Women Of The Nation! I am working on a new worship CD also,

and have in my heart to record prophetically the Book Of James this spring. Dr. Harry III has just released his third book, Investigating Wonders, and his first children’s book, Count Of Ten, Say Amen. You can find these on our web site to order!

I felt the Lord impress upon me to record all 66 books of the Bible by the Spirit of God. So far we have been able to record and offer the Book of Revelation, the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ruth, and this year the Book of James. If the Lord tarries we will continue to obey and make this anointed way of listening to the Word of God available. You can order these on our web site or download them directly to your devices.

We are traveling every weekend this spring so please continue to cover us daily in your prayers, especially where our travel schedule is concerned. Being subject to the airlines and weather across the country we need much prayer coverage! Please check the web site regularly to see if we are near you, as we would love to see you as we travel America this spring!

Harry III, Roman, and Stephanie are preaching and teaching every opportunity that arises and they would love more opportunities to minister so please pray about those open doors for them. Mia Gabrielle is two years old and Roman Jr is eleven months old Feb. 15th (which is my 61st birthday!) and they are both growing so fast! They are both worshipers and it warms our hearts to see such love for His presence from those who just left heaven to come to earth!

We have successfully launched www.womenofthenation.org new web site so please check it out, and sign up (free) to pray with us for America. You can listen to a message the Lord gave me and also download every prayer email I have already sent filled with revelation and the scriptures to pray for our nation. Our next ‘Rise! Women of The Nation’ conference is March 2-3, in Lansing MI at the Gilead Healing Center. Please join Stephanie and me at this great prayer event!

There is so much happening with Salem Family Ministries, so thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support each month. If you could share with your friends and family about our ministry, about partnering with our ministry, and about attending our events and services we would greatly appreciate it. You are a big part of this ministry through our covenant with you and we need everyone helping spread the word of what the Lord is doing through Salem Family Ministries.

We pray God’s richest blessings upon you. We ask the Lord to double and triple your income this year! We ask for healing and restoration to be yours and for doors to open and His presence to pour over you in waves of His glory. We thank the Lord for His covering protection over you and that He rebukes the devourer away from you in Jesus name! Life, Father, we speak, “LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!” concerning our covenant partners who stand with us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

We love you,

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia Gabrielle, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries