January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Monthly Update. Happy New Year! It’s going to be glorious!!!

You are precious to us with your faithfulness over the months and even years. We are thankful for you, truly thankful, as we begin this year. We believe the Lord rewards attitude of heart, so we begin on our knees and with thanksgiving on our lips for you. Lord, bless our partners with a deeper walk, more intimate relationship, constant love from Your heart, favor, blessings, mercy, grace, revelation, insight, wisdom, Your presence and Your power in their lives like never before! Father, we ask for a divine impartation of the anointing that is on our lives and ministry to be evident in their lives beginning on the first day of 2018.

As I prayed for this year and what the Father could want us to fulfill during the coming 365 days, I was reminded of the Hebrew meanings of numbers. Each year I share with you what the ancient Hebrew definition is for that particular number. We are in the Jewish year of 5778 and it coincides with our calendar year of 2018. Let’s focus for a moment on the number 18. It has a meaning that is not necessarily positive if taken at face value. 18 in ancient Hebrew language means ‘bondage.’ And for some who are not walking in God’s grace and favor this year will be bondage for them. This number 18 follows 17, which in ancient Hebrew means victory. I pray you pushed through and walked in your God ordained year of victory these past 365 days because if you did, you will not have to walk in a year of bondage! Once victory over flesh, and worldliness, and self is attained then bondage is dismissed!

As I sought the Lord for what we can expect in 2018 I was arrested by two words the Lord kept dropping in my spirit over and over again. He kept saying, “Ask Me for more of My power and more of My presence.” As I pondered these words from heaven, I stepped out and started asking for more of His power and more of His presence! He showed me in His word in John 3:34 that Jesus walked this earth fully as a human, but with unlimited power and presence of God’s Spirit in His life. Revelation hit me right in my heart and I jumped up and started shouting! Father, if Jesus could walk this earth with unlimited power and presence of Your Spirit then so can I! I am hidden in Christ and what is His is also mine, so thank You, Father God, that I have an unlimited supply of Your presence and Your power in my life!

I want you to know that we are praying and believing and receiving this impartation from heaven and you can have it too because you covenant partner with us each month. I want you to expect an unlimited measure of God’s presence and power in operation in your life from this day forth! I want you to expect it! I want you to shout it and thank God for it. I want you to watch the move of God’s Spirit in and through your every day life. Guard what comes out of your mouth like never before. Blessing and cursing ought not to come out of the same lips! Bless the Lord! Thank the Lord. Praise the Lord. Glorify and magnify the Lord! Watch what the Lord is doing in your life daily!

We believe the Lord for many things this year. We have been able to give substantial scholarships to help students attend our School Of Worship training sessions.

In 2017 we were able to hold four School of Worship training sessions with over 130 students in attendance. Your help each month helps support this ministry so we can train others. Any additional help you can give us will help us be able to scholarship even more students throughout the coming year.

We were able to hold our yearly We Who Worship Gathering in June and had approximately 700 worshipers attend from all over the nation. We have scheduled our 10th anniversary We Who Worship Gathering June 21-23, 2018. We pray you will be able to come and support this great work of breaking forth into the heavenlies with pure praise and holy worship. We may never know until we get to heaven what is actually happening in the heavenlies in these three days. Over the past few years we have added a dinner in our home on Wednesday night before we begin WWW for pastors and we bless them with a meal, ministry tools, gifts and ministry time with a special guest to impart directly to them. This is an investment from our ministry but who better to plant seed into than precious pastors from all over the nation who have laid their lives down for Jesus Christ. Each year the number has increased and we have maxed out at 112 this past year! Only the Lord knows how we were able to seat that many for dinner but if God could take a few loaves and fish and feed 5000 men this is a small thing for the Lord to make room in a home for everyone! We trust Him and He always comes through perfectly! You are investing in all these lives and ministries by partnering with us each month.

We launched Rise, Women Of The Nation conference and web site this past fall and we have heard from heaven to hold these conferences in as many states as we can this year. Our first one is scheduled in the capital of Michigan, which is Lansing, March 2-3. It is not by accident that it is the weekend following Purim! We will change the nation for the glory of God through prayer and intercession. Please pray for these events and for open doors in every state! If you feel led to help us hold a Rise Women Of The Nation conference in your area please contact me!

We continue to travel, preach, teach, and evangelize every week as the Lord opens the doors we run through them! We continue to write books, record new worship and teaching cds, and prophetically singing the books of the Bible on cd as well. We have the Book of Revelation, Proverbs, and Ruth completed so far. It’s glorious to hear the Word like this.

Our grandchildren have been huge blessings to us this past year. Mia Gabrielle turned 2 December 6th, and Roman Jr. will be 1 March 15th! It was a very exciting Christmas for the Salem household this year! Roman, Stephanie, and Harry III are all preaching every opportunity they receive. Stephanie is speaking in every Rise conference with me! Truly we have seen the fulfillment of many years of prophesying Salem FAMILY Ministries. It’s here and for that and so much more we are so thankful.

There is so much to share! The anointing has greatly increased. Miracles, signs, and wonders are happening in every service. Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Healings, Miracles, are all happening! We are walking in the Spirit of God without measure! It’s glorious! Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for your friendship!

We love you! It’s going to be your best year ever! Ours too!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia Gabrielle, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries