July 2017 Newsletter

We have completed half of the year of victory and have much to report as to the goodness and grace of the Lord in June! We had the largest We Who Worship Gathering ever this past June with 650 worshipers in attendance. We began on Wednesday night June 14th with a dinner in our home for over 100 pastors and leaders across this nation. We had a special man of God, Pastor Al Brice, fly in to impart to our precious friends in ministry and it was a glorious evening. Then on Thursday, June 15th, we began with registration and check in for everyone arriving from all over the country and by 1:00PM we were in full swing of We Who Worship Gathering 2017. We worshiped and cried out to God for three days to birth the Righteous Revolution Revival that the Lord has shown us in a vision for America.

When I received the vision of the Tidal Wave of Righteous Revolution Revival hitting both coasts of the United States in January I expected to see an outpouring of revival right away but months passed and while we were having wonderful services across the country with many salvations, healings, and deliverances I was not seeing what I believed as the fulfillment of the January vision the Lord had given me. As I have taken this to prayer the Lord revealed to me that He gave the vision so I would start prophesying, praying, and believing for its fulfillment, which we have done and many have joined us across the nation.

I’m beginning to realize that God will send a prophet with a word, then the word must be given repeatedly, sounding God’s plan into the atmosphere of a nation, until the people hear the plan of God. Then time is a huge element of the fulfillment of God’s plan. I’ve known this all my life from when the milkman, Mr. Horton, brought the word to me as a very young girl that ‘One day little girl you are going to be Miss America,’ until 17 years later it was fulfilled. I could site instance after instance of this in my own personal life and I’m certain you could too. We are in the ‘time’ part now of the Righteous Revolution Revival coming for America.

I have recorded a new worship CD entitled Righteous Revolution and all the songs are crying out for God to send the rain of His presence, to send revival to America, and save us, cleanse us, and teach us how to live in righteousness.

This month we have a School Of Worship session here in Palm Desert CA. Please pray for those who are supposed to be here will register and join us. We only have 10 positions left for that school. It’s extremely hot here this time of year so please pray for a miracle week of ‘less heat’. The last week of August we have another School Of Worship at Daystar Int. Church in Tuscaloosa, AL. If you are in the south we would love to have you join us for this 3-day intensive session of training and impartation.

Please pray with us and seek the Lord with us for what God is about to do here in America. We can feel it when we pray. We can see it with our spirit eyes. We need to pray and seek His face even more right now. We need to see His power, and presence more manifested in our American churches each week. We need the glory of God to be visibly seen in His bride and His church.

We are traveling the entire month of August in Michigan, Indiana, and Alabama. We start out at Mount Hope Church in Lansing, then to South Bend, IN, then on to Gaylord, MI. After the first three weeks are completed we will jump on a plane and finish up with a School of Worship and Sunday services in Northport (Tuscaloosa) Al. The very next weekend will be our first in many years, RISE spirit filled ladies conference at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Please keep all our dates and especially our gatherings and conferences covered in prayer. We are in covenant together and what God is doing in and through us He is doing in and through you as well!

Last month, Harry III, completely shocked me during the Friday night service of We Who Worship, when he petitioned a University and Seminary into giving me an honorary doctorate degree! He wrote the letter and turned in all the necessary documentation and he presented me with the diploma himself! I am still overwhelmed and humbled at this gesture and how much work he put into it for me to receive such an honor as this! I am eternally grateful and very thankful.

Jesus is coming; there is no doubt in my mind. We are continuing to reach our generation for Jesus Christ and teach and train the next generation so they can reach their generation!

We are all good here. Mia Gabrielle is developing in her music even at 18 months old as a worshiper, and little Roman Jr, is discovering how much he loves music and worship also. God is so good to give us double in our latter seasons. Look for double blessings in your life!

Harry, H3, Roman, and Stephanie are all well. We continue to press and push for the kingdom of God and we are enjoying every step of this journey.

We pray God’s richest blessings over you. We call for His rain in due season to fall on you, both former and latter rains to come forth bringing with the rain the greatest harvests you have ever known or experienced. We ask the Lord for an unprecedented year of His blessings on you. We thank the Lord for every field you have planted during the past decade of spiritual drought on this land to come forth at the same time all filled with the richest of harvests for you.

We thank the Lord for healing and restoring you, your family, and your finances. We long to see you in our meetings so if you can come to RISE Sept. 1-2 we would love to see you and worship with you for His glory as we RISE above the earth realm to finish our days in His glory!

We love you dearly,

Cheryl, Harry, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman Jr.
Salem Family Ministries