June 2017 Newsletter

June is here! So exciting for us as our annual We Who Worship Gathering 2017 is here! Life seems to be moving much quicker now and a year seems to be passing much faster! Do you feel this way also? We are realizing this is a scientifically proven happening as the earth is speeding up as the Schumann Resonance (the frequency of the earth) has leaped in frequency! It jumped in 2014 from a constant frequency of 7.83 HZ to 16 HZ with bursts up to 20 HZ. In the beginning of this year, January 2017, the Schumann Resonance basically doubled in frequency again! Now with the hum of the earth sped up to over 30 HZ with jumps to 36 the earth is awakening for the glory of the Lord! Where does the earth get its frequency? From human brain waves! Our brains have sped up and the earth is matching humanity! Which means humanity is awakening to the sound of heaven, and the voice of the Spirit of God is calling us to be in harmony and rhythm with Him!

I won’t get too deep into the teaching of this scientifically proven physics phenomenon, but suffice it to say, the earth is humming at a higher pitch! The earth and humanity are singing and worshiping God at a higher level and I can hardly contain myself when I think of the several years study I did on Tones of the Throne Room book and workbook, the ‘Keys of the Kingdom’ and the first verse in Revelation 4 when the angel said to John, “Come up higher!” We, as a human race, are coming up higher and I want you to be very aware of the sound of your worship and the increased pull of God on your spirit to worship Him! If you have not studied through the book and workbook Tones of the Throne Room it is time now!

We are releasing a brand new worship CD this month. It ties with the prophetic word the Lord gave us in January about the tidal wave of revival. The Lord gave me a song entitled Righteous Revolution! The entire CD is filled with a prophetic call for a revival of righteousness to hit us through the rain of His Spirit and Presence! We are calling forth God’s Righteous Revolution revival to hit this nation and His church now! You can order this new CD and all of our ministry tools from our web site www.salemfamilyministries.org

There is a heightened level of His anointing on us right now. We feel it when we preach and when we lay hands on people in the prayer lines. Healings, miracles, signs and wonders are happening in every service. Many salvations and rededications of lives are coming to Jesus! This is what you are partnering with here in Salem Family Ministries. Expect more anointing and power in your life through this divine connection with us. God is moving and we are moving with Him!

Last Sunday we had over twenty hands raised for salvation. Afterward we prayed for many people in the prayer line. I laid my hands on a lady in the prayer line and spoke a word from the Lord to her in her ear. When I finished praying she turned and went into the bathroom. She came right out giving testimony that a lump in her breast had disappeared as I prayed for her! God is moving mightily and His power is here to save, heal, and deliver.

We are anointed to reach our generation for Jesus Christ and to train the next generation to reach their generation. We see an entire generation that has only heard of the move of the Holy Ghost with power, healing, and deliverance. It is time for us to teach them, train them, and impart to them so they can experience what so many of us have already experienced! And I don’t know about you but I hunger and thirst for MORE! We want more of Your presence, Lord; more of Your power, Father! We want more of YOU! This nation needs a Righteous Revolution Father!

Please remember to pray for us during We Who Worship Gathering June 14 (pastors dinner in our home), 15th, 16th, and 17th. We expect a powerful tidal wave of a righteous revival to flow over and through every person! I hope you are coming! It’s going to be powerful.

Many things are coming up in July 24-28; our next School Of Worship session is in Palm Desert, CA at Homewood Suites hotel. In Alabama at Daystar Int. Church we will have a School of Worship session in August 24-26. You can register on our web site or call our office, (918)-639-1747 and speak with Debbie Squire. These School of Worship sessions will fill up so call immediately and hold your place. We only train 30 students per session and we are almost full so call today.

If you have not already made plans to be with us in September 1-2, for Rise Ladies Conference in Rancho Mirage, CA please make those plans quickly! Mark your calendar and get ready! You can register on our web site.

So many things happening in Salem Family Ministries and because of you we are able to go wherever the Lord leads us regardless of that church’s ability to help us financially. You send us and you go with us each week as we preach the good news of Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following!

When others have backed off of the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Spirit of God we have plunged in deeper! We will not be like this so called ‘relevant church generation’ who has forgotten the power of the Holy Ghost and a righteous Father God who calls us all to live holy and righteous lives. We stand when others have fallen. We move forward when others are retreating and you are sending us! Thank you. Lord, bless every seed planted by our precious partners and send the rain of Your presence on every field. Lord, we call forth the former and latter rains for each seed to produce an unprecedented harvest in this season, Father! Send the rain Lord; Send the rain!

People who don’t have seed in the ground don’t like rain and think it is a nuisance, but for those of us with seed in the ground we all cry out together, “Lord, send the rain!” Cry out with us and may the heavens open up over us and pour forth His presence, glory, and power!

We love and appreciate you more than you can ever know!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman, Jr
Salem Family Ministries