November 2017 Newsletter


This past month seems like a blur to Harry and me since we were only home 8 days the entire month! After 38 years of full time traveling evangelism, we know we are graced to do this! Some days we miss our children and grandchildren, but then the Lord gives us a surge of strength and we finish the course in front of us. Your prayers and support help us tremendously. There are times when we have to believe God for even more help, and we get home and you have answered the cry of our hearts. Your faithfulness to help us each month means more than words will ever be able to express this side of heaven. Please know we love and appreciate you. We never take you for granted, and we always pray for you.

We were able to cover 8 states this month and the Lord moved in every place! He promised in Luke 10:1 that He would send us out two by two into every town and place in which He was about to go, so we know we obey His voice and go before Him. We start the worship and the Word and He shows up with the power, miracles, signs, wonders, and best of all, His salvation! Lives are being changed everywhere we go and you are sending us! For every person whose life is touched through this ministry it goes to your heavenly account and is added to your rewards in heaven. I pray you know this each time you send your donation to help us that we are ‘all’ going together to reach the lost for Jesus Christ!

We continue to pray for more people to stand with us each month and the Lord sends those whom He chooses. He has always been, and always will be, faithful! Testimonies are coming in from our Salem Family Ministries YouTube channel. I hope you have found our ministry channel and have subscribed simply by giving us your email. If you have not followed us on Facebook please do so as we are posting live teaching videos throughout the month as the Lord gives us opportunity.

This fall the Lord has been stirring my heart to re-study and teach on spiritual warfare so we, as a body of believers, are prepared for what is ahead. We have already won but we must remember this. The devil hopes we forget who we are in Christ and that we forget how to stand our ground and resist him. He must flee when we SUBMIT TO GOD AND RESIST THE DEVIL. (James 4:7) It is a two-step process so make sure you start with step one. Check your submission to the Lord first and foremost. I say this because I find that if I do not daily go before the Lord, I get busy doing things for the Lord, and forget to spend any time ‘with’ the Lord. Our submission to Him can only come from our constant time with Him!

We cannot know His plans or purpose or will unless we are spending quiet time alone with Him EACH DAY! It’s a constant battle to stay focused and not get distracted. It’s a constant battle to keep our minds ‘stayed on Him’ and stay in His peace each moment (Isaiah 26). This peace is not fairy dust and it doesn’t just get on us; we must willfully work at being with Him, submitting to Him, and staying submitted to Him.

Then step two is very simple and easy to do! Resist the devil and he must flee from us. We put too much emphasis on this step as if this is a great big work and battle plan. Step one is the battle! Submit to God! Daily, all day, staying submitted to God is the true and real battle. Once we understand this is where the warfare really happens then our focus is correct and our position is perfect! We are on our knees with our hands lifted high in full surrender to His perfect will. Then we have the power necessary and needed to resist the devil and he will get away from you, and fast!

I have enclosed for you the message I presented at Rise: Women Of The Nation in September. I ask that you listen to it since you are a big part of this ministry and align your prayers with us to take this nation back for the glory of God. I pray you will join me, if you have not already done so, by going to our new web site specifically for praying and interceding for this nation, and become a member of this prophetic prayer and intercession team to reverse the curse over America and launch God’s Righteous Revolution for the massive revival that is coming quickly.

We have scheduled our 2nd Rise! Women Of The Nation conference, March 2-3, 2018 at the Gilead Healing Center on Creyts Rd, in Lansing Mi. You can register on our web site so I know you are coming! I need you there with me! The Lord told me to raise up Gideon’s Army so I release my faith for 300 women to join me to pray, intercede and worship for the breakthrough in America! We will bring the strongholds down in Jesus’ name!

Thanksgiving is the theme of this month and I want you to know that Harry and I are very thankful for you in our personal lives and in this ministry. We are thankful for the grace of God to connect us together in this covenant relationship. We pray the Lord pours out His presence over you during this month. We pray for restoration, healing, and wholeness to be yours during this season. We ask the Lord to send the rain on every seed you plant and bring forth His harvest for you and your family. It’s the season to be thankful! Father, we thank You for sending Jesus Christ who has saved us and made a way for us to live, truly live, for You! We thank You for the Holy Ghost and power to walk through this life and finish strong with the authority of the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost! Thank You for our partners!

We pray you will stay strong in this season and keep watch on our schedule on our web site. If you are not a weekly intercessor with us please go to our web site and sign up and join us. This means you will get an email from us weekly saying where we are, what time our services are, etc. so you can stand in the gap for us each week!

Don’t forget how much we love you and how thankful we are for your constant love, support, help, prayers, and intercession! Be blessed beyond measure today!

We love you!

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman, Jr.
Salem Family Ministries