Marriage Enrichment


Do you ever wonder why you married the person you are married to?   Have you ever asked yourself where is that person that I fell in love with or why was I attracted to them in the first place?

To become one flesh takes a process.  It is not instant.  It occurs over time, a slow melting of two into one.   It takes the fire of God’s presence to totally transform us into the ‘one flesh,’ the ‘two voices with one message’ that God has ordained for His couples.   It is not good enough to simply become legally married.   God’s desire for His children is to learn how to completely melt in the refiner’s fire and allow the ‘two’ to become One.   This is the ultimate way to walk out the original design for mankind in Genesis 1:26 when God the Father says to the Son, and the Holy Spirit, “Let us, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit make mankind in our image, after our likeness, and let them have complete authority…”

We pray that this weekend is a God ordained time for couples to see the truth and the power that God has designed for His People through the divine connection of marriage.  We will have fun, laugh, and enjoy one another.  We don’t spend the weekend correcting.  NO!   We simply let God’s love reveal His Plan for us all!   We believe that wherever you are in your marriage you can go to the next level.  A hurting marriage can receive healing, a broken marriage can be restored, a good marriage can become a GOD marriage!

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