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Harry Salem Bio

Renowned author and co-founder of Salem Family Ministries, Harry Salem brings a practical, soundly Biblical application to the variety of issues facing men today.  Come and experience true, Godly fellowship, man to man.

Harry Salem grew up quickly, becoming the man of the house at age 10 after his father’s death in 1968.  A talented, aspiring athlete, he dreamed of Big League baseball, but God had other plans. After High School in Cocoa Beach, FL, and attending college in North Carolina, he joined Oral Roberts Ministries, and at the age of twenty-six, became Vice-President of Operations, crusade director, and director of television production.

Harry and his wife, Cheryl (Miss America 1980) began traveling and ministering as a family, bringing the Good News to other families all across the nation.  Harry and Cheryl had an anointed ministry and a beautiful, happy family.  Life was good

But the news that the Salems received in early 1999 was anything but good.  In a matter of a few hours one January morning, this strong man and his family were faced with the unimaginable.  It was news that “Daddy’s Girl,” Harry & Cheryl’s only daughter, beautiful, bouncy, 5-year-old Gabrielle, had an inoperable brain tumor that doctors said would take her life before her 6th birthday.  Despite the overwhelming devastation that threatened to destroy them, Harry and Cheryl joined hands and vowed to never come out of agreement for Gabrielle’s healing and for each decision that must be made during this crushing trial.  Their ’Oneness’ was vital, they agreed… for little Gabrielle and her two brothers.  For 11 months, Harry and his family stood in faith, believing God for Gabrielle’s healing to manifest.  They stood strong, they stood solid, they stood without wavering, but in November of 1999, Gabrielle crossed over into Heaven where she now lives – completely restored!  Harry remembers that morning vividly:  “At ten to seven on Tuesday morning, I watched Gabrielle as she took her last breath on Earth and crossed over into Heaven.  My heart was crushed, but I heard His voice as I whispered, ‘There she goes.’  Jesus spoke that very instant, ‘Here she comes.’  As her Daddy, I walked her as far as I could on this side and the Man that I handed my daughter to, was… THE MAN!”


Harry’s testimony of faith, resilience, overcoming grief, anger (yes, it‘s okay to admit being angry at God!),  and being a participator in your family and not just a provider can show other men how to grow and thrive as they take their God-given place as head of the family.  His focus and messages all point toward – no man left behind!”

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