Women’s Ministry/Cheryl’s Bio


Cheryl Salem walked the runway to become Miss America 1980, despite what appeared to be all odds stacked against her.  Poverty, sexual abuse, a horrific car crash that resulted in a physical handicap and over 100 stitches in her face were no match for what God had planned for her life.  Through simple, childlike faith in Him, she overcame these insurmountable obstacles and eventually took the crown in Atlantic City!  She has used this distinction as a springboard to launch the Gospel of Jesus Christ into churches, schools, women’s retreats, television appearances, etc.  Prison ministries, women’s shelters, inner-city outreaches and disaster relief programs have made use of Cheryl’s books and CD’s to offer hope and help to those in need.  According to Cheryl, “None of these things would be possible, if not for my Jesus.”

The Spirit of God is flowing through Cheryl in an amazing way as He leads her to minister in a fascinating, prophetic way that involves a flow of music and teaching that is sung, instead of spoken.  This move of the Spirit is precious and sweet, and God is touching people at the very core of their being as he gently ministers to them, Spirit to spirit (John 4:23-24), as deep calls out to deep.  (Psalm 42:7)

Trials, tragedies and the storms of life cannot keep Cheryl from singing, praising God and ministering the Gospel!  Both Harry and Cheryl are sought-after ministers, who are speakers at churches and events across the nation.   Harry often conducts Men’s Fellowship Meetings, and Cheryl has bookings at Ladies Events numerous times throughout the year.  But their central focus, their chief purpose, is to take their vibrant, tag-team style of ministry into churches across the globe.  God impressed upon their hearts years ago to go ‘two by two’ to reach families one by one.  (Luke 10:1-2)

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