September 2017 Newsletter

September 2017 Ministry update for you!

Dear and precious covenant partner,

I waited until today to write to you because we launched our first Spirit Filled Ladies Conference over the past two days and I wanted to wait until it was complete before writing. I want to share with you what the Lord has done and is doing in a bigger way through our ministry right now.

Harry came in where I was praying about a year ago and he said, “It’s time.” I said, “For what?” And Harry answered, “For you to do women’s conferences again.” I laid down women’s conferences that our ministry would present about twenty years ago under instructions of the Holy Ghost. He said to me in the 1990’s, “Give ladies conferences to Me, and I’ll give them back to you at a higher level.” It was a hard thing to lay down but I did it under obedience to the Holy Ghost. It’s not that I have not spoken at women’s conferences and meetings. I have done this for many decades! But our ministry has not sponsored these events. I have been a guest speaker for others who have invited me to come.

When Harry came a year ago and said this while he had been in prayer and heard the Lord I simply said ‘yes’ and began to prepare for it. We were able to get a location and a time on the calendar for Sept. 1-2, 2017. I am writing this to you on the 3rd and the Lord is good. He gave it back to me at a much higher level. We were able to host 366 women at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and the Holy Spirit was so evident and powerful. There were over 20 first time salvations, over 20 different women filled with the Holy Ghost, miracles, signs and wonders and many lives changed. I am getting a flood of testimonies today from women who were healed.

One lady came running forward for me to lay hands on her when the anointing was so strong and she could not see. As I prayed and laid my hands on her, her eyes got clearer. Then I prayed again, and even more clarity she said. One of her eyes she could only see out of the center of it with no peripheral vision. As I prayed time after time more and more of the circle of ‘nothing’ disappeared and her vision started coming back enlarging the circle bigger and bigger with each laying on of my hands and the Lord’s power flowing into her. There were many manifested and confirmed miracles and the most miraculous for me were the number of ladies visibly set free. God specifically said to me Friday morning before we began the first session as I asked Him what did He want for this weekend? He said, “Set My women free.” I said, “Yes, Lord.”

Our precious daughter, Stephanie, brought a word from the Lord for this generation and as she gave her testimony of how the Lord brought her through to her healing and against horrific diagnosis, showing the pictures of when she first came out of brain tumor removal surgery. There was not a dry eye in the house. The Lord moved mightily through her testimony. We are very thankful for this amazing gift to our family and now second generation of women preachers! Glory to God! Little Mia Gabrielle is not far behind!

Please continue to pray for us and keep us covered in prayer, as this fall is very busy with many travels, preaching, teaching, and healing services. The family is doing so well. Now we truly represent a family ministry with the manifestation of generations of preachers going forth obeying the Holy Ghost. Dr. Harry III and Dr. Harry II will be traveling to Borger TX this month to preach as father/son duo at a men’s retreat while Roman stays in CA and preaches for Peace in the Valley in Rancho Cucamonga! Harry and I will fly to Morganton, NC toward the end of the month and finish up the final day of Sept. 30th, and Oct 1st at Mount Hope Church, in Grand Blanc, MI. What a blessing to see God move so strongly in this next generation.

Little Mia and Roman Jr. are such precious little throne room worshipers as they light up and start moving as quickly as they hear the worship music! We are blessed to have generations of soldiers for Jesus Christ!

If you missed our RISE conference but would like to hear the messages you can visit and like the page of Salem Family Ministries on facebook. We were able to go ‘live video’ to that page so you can watch each message. Make sure you listen to Stephanie’s message on Saturday morning and my message Friday night as I launched a righteous revolution revival for #womenofthenation to take back our nation for Jesus Christ!

We love you and pray for you daily. We are so thankful for your prayers and your covenant to keep us covered. Please pray the Lord sends us more partners to stand with us, more finances to accomplish even greater measures for His glory, and for more strength, power, and glory of the Lord to be upon us as we travel and preach extensively this fall.

Hopefully we will see you in a service soon!

Start making plans to be here with us next June 21-22-23 for our We Who Worship Gathering’s tenth anniversary as our covenant family. We want you here with us!

We love you,

Harry, Cheryl, Harry III, Roman, Stephanie, Mia, and Roman, Jr
Salem Family Ministries