The Vision of School of Worship


School Of Worship has been a vision the Lord put inside my heart in the early part of my life. I didn’t realize what it looked like, or sounded like, or even one detail of what it really is suppose to be when I was younger, I just always knew that I love to worship the Lord. I knew that I love to worship God at the highest and best of who I am. I knew that once I understood that worship is who I am not what I do, that I had tapped into a stream into the heart of God that could not be explained in words. It’s a pure place; it’s a holy place; its a place where your earthly identity, and your heavenly being mesh into one person. It’s a place where God becomes so real, so touchable, so available to your being that you never want to leave it. I was just a little girl in the back woods of the hill country of Mississippi when I first discovered my identity of a worshiper. After a few years my hearts desire became all about teaching and training others. It first began with my teaching piano, voice, and guitar at the age of fifteen years old. By the time I was a Senior in High School I had over 60 weekly students, ranging from the ages of five years old to 58 years old. College students from 40 miles away at Mississippi State University would drive down into the country roads of Choctaw County, Mississippi to have a weekly lesson with me. When I look back at it, its truly amazing, how the Lord puts inside of you at a very early age, who you really are, what you are called and created to do and be. I was born a worshiper of the most High God. I will cross over to Heaven or be raptured as a worshiper of the Most High God. Now 62 years later, my hearts desire is to train worshipers to worship God in spirit and in truth. To raise up worshipers with a pure heart, to know the difference between performance and worship. Want to be a part of this? Come to one of our School Of Worship sessions!