Harry and Cheryl Salem are ministers of the gospel. They are parents to sons, Harry III and Roman. Roman has married a beautiful young lady, Stephanie, and she has become their daughter-in-love. Healing and restoration have come full circle for the Salem family with the miracle birth of Roman and Stephanie’s baby girl, Mia Gabrielle. She is named for their daughter, Gabrielle Christian, who is in heaven since 1999.   Their latest joy will be arriving in March 2017 with Roman and Stephanie’s second miracle baby of restoration for the Salem Family!

The Salems have seen the altars flooded with people receiving salvation, with countless re-dedications, with miraculous healings and with bodies, lives, marriages and souls being restored because of His mighty anointing!

Cheryl was crowned Miss America 1980, but tremendous adversities nearly ended that dream before it began. As a young girl, she survived a horrific car crash that cracked her back and crushed her left leg, resulting in a physical handicap and over 100 stitches in her face.

Eleven years old, poor, crippled and scarred… but a miracle, too! This was the outlook Cheryl chose, as she had been told that she might not ever walk again. But walk, she did! And she walked the runway in Atlantic City, against all odds, all because of Jesus.

Harry’s father passed away when Harry was 10 years old, leaving him with a mandate to be the man of the house, to never cry, and to take care of his mother and sisters. This challenge caused Harry to excel, but to also grow up with a cautious outlook on life.

He quickly made a name for himself in the corporate world, becoming a major executive before the age of 30, but he knew that there was more. He and Cheryl met, married and started their family, but it wasn’t until the mid-nineties that Harry had an encounter with God that changed him forever. He let go of the pain of growing up without his father and the stress of the mantle that had been placed on his shoulders at such a young age. He began to trust God – and he has never looked back.

Cheryl has recorded numerous music CDs, the latest being I Am A Worshiper. The most popular worship music she has released over the past few years are the four prophetic CDs of healing and restoration. Her prophetic flowing style on both the keyboard and vocally of the Book of Revelation and the Book of Proverbs are fast becoming the most requested music CDs!   She and Harry have co-written 36 books with topics ranging from Mourning to Morning to Entering Rest – Be Still. Their book, We Who Worship, is designed to bring the reader into a deeper level of purity and intimacy with God in worship. Their marriage books Two Becoming One and Don’t Kill Each Other! Let God Do It! are great books for couples to read and are also used for couples Bible studies together.

Salem Family Ministries presents We Who Worship Gathering annually, a worship event, which includes worship, dance, art, musical theater and drama. They are walking out the Lord’s plan set before them for School of Worship, intensive training sessions, where the Salems teach, impart, and personally work with students to help them grow to the next level in their worship life and ministry.

Both Harry and Cheryl are sought-after ministers, who speak in churches and events across the nation. Harry has a heart for men, preaching and teaching on overcoming issues in life. Cheryl is a popular preacher at ladies events, encouraging women to reach their godly potential, but the focus of Salem Family Ministries is to take this unique, tag-team style of ministry into churches, two by two, to reach families for God, one by one.


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  1. I remember when Cheryl was crowned Miss America and I heard about her miraculous healing that enabled her to not only walk again but walk that
    exciting, fabulous runway in Atlantic City. Pageants were a focus of mine for a while- I came to know Rick Brinkley personally(he often talked about
    his friendship with Cheryl) and he coached our “local winner” on to winning the Md. state pageant in 1991. She was an exciting preliminary talent
    winner in Atlantic City. Those were some good times!

    Yet even better now is my life away from pageants- I would have always said I was a Christian-but now I have a personal relationship with the Lord and
    know that He is my best friend. His mercies are new every day, and I cannot begin to ever tell anyone just how good He has been to me (and of course
    others). He has brought me through some very bad times, not the loss of a child , but the loss of a marriage, the loss of a relationship with my
    one parent and sibling. Yet through the losses I see and feel His love, tenderness, and unfailing mercy. May God bless Salem Family Ministries as they
    reach out to others to share the “Good News”. I know it is a breath of fresh air in these trying times.

    love and prayers,

  2. Words cannot fully express my appreciation for your ministry!

    As a young girl, I’d heard and read about Cheryl’s healing, and was so completely fascinated by her miracle – and the beautiful person, wearing the Miss America crown! I too, dreamed of being “princess” just like her when I grew up! ; )

    Her testimony and life story is even more inspiring. She literally glows with the love of Jesus shining in her and through her; also love the stories she tells about seeing angels!

    I’ve read many of your books and have quite a few of your CDs, as well. Even more, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of hearing you speak in Lancaster, PA (on 2 different occasions), a number of years ago! I’m praying the Lord brings you back to this area again sometime; would love that!

    I’m honored to be an intercessor for your ministry! Your family is dear to my heart, and I just love your heart for families, for restoration, for souls, and salvations, for America, for churches… Standing in agreement with you and for you. Praying for you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically. Pleading the Blood of Jesus over each of you for protection, for health, strength, wisdom, provision…

    So grateful that you have been faithful to the call of the Lord on your lives – and faithful to each other! What an example you are – of believers, of a godly marriage, and of team work, as you and your husband share together the messages that the Lord puts on your heart.

    I so appreciate the spriritual depth in your messages; have learned so much from you! Keep standing strong, and may you be continue to be abundantly blessed!


  3. I had the honor of hearing The Salems several years ago near Tampa Fl. I took a friend of mine who was dying of cancer. She and I were so blessed that day to be in the service and feel such a strong presence of the Lord. My friend soon after went to be with Jesus, but I will never forget our trip that day .
    The book Mourning to Morning ministered to me tremendously when my brother passed away in 2006. I loan it out often to people that are suffering with a loss.
    God Bless The Salems and their Ministry,
    Angie Cole
    Wildwood Fl

  4. I want to let you know how excited I get when I hear of your appearance on one of my christian programs..Recently, I had the opportunity of watching Daystar & there you were. I read your book “Mourning to Morning” & what a blessing as my husband & me lost a son in 1992. You both are so real & understanding as you’ve experienced some rough places while on this earthly journey. I had a dad but he was an alcoholic & abusive . I often had feelings of inferiority & rejection. I was the oldest of seven & tried so hard to feel wanted & loved . Unfortunately , I met a young guy & started dating & ended up marrying at age 16. I got pregnant a month later & was in another abusive home. I did know Jesus at a young age because my mother gave her heart to the Lord when I was 11 yrs. of age..I always loved my Lord & He kept me safe as I knew He loved me . I want you to know how much I appreciate your lives as I know God has been your strength through all your trials. My son , Terry , is in my future along with my husband who passed away with a rare disease 19 mos. ago. I am so lonely . Please remember me in you prayers as I lost my home too in 2004 due to my illness. I’m living with my other son & family & he is not well….I feel so displaced again in my life. I know God is in control & loves me the same now that I’m 70 as when I 17 & pregnant..God bless..

  5. You always build my faith just listening too your testimony, and seeing you still have that radiant smile,the pure love of God, even you look so young and slim, I am amazed hope you share how you do it like what you eat, too stay so trim, yet look energetic, I just admire your faith as a woman, too be of support too your family, cause as a mother and wife they all run too me, so it’s only The Lord even the love shown in your marriage between both of you it’s a good example. God bless your family and ministry continue too stay strong in The Lord

  6. I was blessed to see the entire salem family and again at womens weekend meeting at mt hope church in lansing! your anointed and unique style of ministering as a couple is nothing less than a TOTAL GIFT of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST THROUGH TE HOLY SPIRIT!!! it is so natural and effective with such honesty and mixed with just the right amount of humor!! the tag team thing is so perfectly done and that is HOLY SPIRIT at work! and Cheryl your personal story ministers to all you encounter as does your gift of singing,with such love and passion for your HEAVENLY FATHER. I know you have been told these same things many times but in these last days it is so needed because harry and Cheryl, you and your family are truly a GODSEND and you will all be in my daily prayers for you to continue sharing GODS WORD AND PLAN OF SALVATION!! I now attend trinity church in lansing mich but when I am able and hear of your return to mt hope in lansing I will come see you. I saw you both tonight on daystar/the with the Lambs and was soo happy to see and hear you both. GOD BLESS YOU!! sister in Christ, Sharon gaile johnson

  7. My friends 5 children were killed by there father around the end of August or 1st of Sept. I am sure you heard about on the news, Tim Jones murdered his 5 children. My friend, Amber, the mother, is having a very, very, very, very, very, difficult time dealing with this. I am looking for something inspriational that will help her thru this terrible tradegy. Something that I can mail to SC where she is from MS. where I am I do not have a lot of money. Since a Murder case she cannot talk about the details to anyone which I think is making it extra hard on her.

    I am originally from Ackerman, MS and know Cheryl and Heath Prewitt some and there mother a little bit, Mrs. Carrie. When I saw in my mothers Choctaw Plaindealer and it told about Cheryl and you losing daughter – I thought you might have some ideas that can help Amber get thru this terrible tradegy.

    Alicia Peters

  8. I had the opportunity to see and hear these fine people teach and preach Gods word just yesterday in Borger Texas. what a blessing to hear the TRUTH! may God bless and keep them always.

  9. I first heard Cheryl and Harry in the mid 90’s right after Nancy and I were saved. They came to the Worship Center in Lancaster, Pa many times and we were on the front row. Their teachings were very powerful and they were a blessing to us as young Christians who needed a secure foundation!

  10. Dear Cheryl,
    I currently received a cd gift from our Women’s home bible study. I have been playing this cd over & over again for the last 3 weeks. I was blown away from your angelic voice. It makes me think on how much I need God for my daily strength. I hope I can dig a little further to find more of your inspiring cds to listen. Thank you. Love in Christ Jesus……Eva

  11. […] This weekend, I have the amazing opportunity to adventure out with the ladies from my church and attend a women’s retreat in Ocean City, NJ. Our speaker this weekend is a woman named Cheryl Salem. She is a powerful, restored woman of God. She faced many hardships in her life, but the Lord has brought her through. You can read more about her story by clicking here. […]

  12. I was so blessed this weekend as I attended a ladies conference in Ocean City, NJ where Cheryl was the speaker. What an moving testimony! She is so gifted! God used her to bring us into His Throne room! There are no words that even come close to explaining!! I will never be the same!!
    Thank you Cheryl!! I listened to your CDs all the way back to NC!!!
    Thank you friend!!

  13. My Beloved Harry and Cheryl ,
    Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    I have gone through your wonderful website! we are blessed with your gracious Ministry! We are praying for you and your family. we would like become fellowship with your Ministry.We are going to arrange the Pastors Conference and Outreach Revival Meetings in month of September 10 to 17th- 2015. We would like to invite you one of our Main Guest Speaker of our upcoming Meetings. Please come and Save our India for God. Please pray for all our orphans and widows. Please Give my greetings to the brothers and sisters in Christ! We would like to hear from you. We love you and we thank you. Yours in Christ love
    Pastor John Prasad
    Cell 00918099998869

  14. Hello dear Cheryl and Harry this is Nicole from Tulsa but now timporairly in new mexico I just saw you recently in California what a joy it was seeing you once again!!! I miss you all so much and pray our paths will cross again soon!!! You are loved & treasured!!! 4362 laughing crow lane Santa fe new mex 87502 (918) 955-8552

  15. I need prayer for healing in my body. I need from Cheryl to pray that God would speak spirit and truth to my soul And teach me to sing in tongues and interpret what the spiritis saying and minister to me Thank You CherylSalem BarbaraHorner

  16. Cheryl, “You’re special. You’re special. You’re so special to me…” All afternoon I’ve been hearing you sing “You’re special…”over and over. It has filled me with such joy and the hope that you might be able to come to my beloved “Broadmoor Independent Living Retirement Community” and sing ‘You’re Special’ at our upcoming – next Thursday afternoon 1/21/16 @ 3:00-4:00 Mighty 90’s Celebration and help honor 32 of the most wonderful, young Ninety + Year Old Seniors you will ever be blessed to meet.
    I am the activity director for The Broadmoor Independent Retirement Community, 22nd & Memorial – home to 104 Seniors. We have a beautiful Great Room where next Thursday friends & family of our 32 Ninety plus Seniors will gather for this celebration.

    We will enjoy a brief slide presentation of each Senior of pictures when they were younger and taken during events at The Broadmoor. as we honor them presenting them with a “Legacy Box’ and roses.
    Then we will crown our King Owen Brown 101 years old and Queen Opal Clark Moss 103..
    The Broadmoor Community is a very special community because we love the Lord and each other. One of our goals is to pass that ‘legacy’ on to our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
    This is a perfect event to do just that. especially if ‘Cheryl Salem – former Miss America” comes & sings “You’re special” and talks briefly about the love of the Lord that is within them that makes them so special and that they attribute God’s blessing and grace to their good health and happiness.
    I know this is short notice… but I pray you can come & be part of our celebration and our lives.
    I will be able to thank you with only a small honorarium ($50.00) but with all our hearts we will be grateful.
    My cell # is 918 809-7593

  17. I am an African woman living in Uganda East Africa. I am a poor sleeper and I was watching TBN at 3:00-4:00 am on 1/2/2016, when I encountered Harry and Cheryl Salem. Cheryl was speaking and was so fired up and so in the Holy Spirit that I felt as if an electric current was going through me, although they were about to come off the air. Now I am 61 years old and have been saved for 40 years but this encounter was really unique. It was a demonstration of having been infilled by and dipped in the Spirit of the Living God

  18. I am an African woman living in Uganda East Africa. I am a poor sleeper and I was watching TBN at 3:00-4:00 am on 1/2/2016, when I encountered Harry and Cheryl Salem. Cheryl was speaking and was so fired up and so in the Holy Spirit that I felt as if an electric current was going through me, although they were about to come off the air. Now I am 61 years old and have been saved for 40 years but this encounter was really unique. It was a demonstration of what it means to have been infilled by and dipped in the Spirit of the Living God. Although communication is difficult, I will try to access the materials through friends in the US. God bless you abundantly. Lydia Rugasira

  19. Your testimony about seeing Jesus the little I saw on Tbn was a blessing. And al that you and your husband Harry shared. I could feel the energy and electricity of the love of God flowing through you by the power of the Holy Spirit as you shared God’S LOVE. Cheryl . Love from KIKU And Joseph Capozzelli

  20. Just came across your book, “Speak the Word Over Your Family for Salvation.”
    Beginning to use it and anticipate the Lord God to perform his Word!

  21. Dear Cheryl. Many years ago (1990?) I had the pleasure of attending a ministry you led in Honolulu on the Virtuous Woman, Proverbs 31. You provided us with little yellow cards that could be used as affirmations. I spoke those words over myself for many years but in the process of moving have lost it. Do you still have those available? Or, at least the affirmations? Thank you for your ministry. It clearly touched me deeply.

  22. Dear Cheryl,
    Years ago I worked for Dr. Bryson and meet you and your wonderful family. I have never forgotten how loving and kind you all were. It is such a blessing to see you and your family so dedicated to God and his ministry. I am hoping maybe I can see you when you come to Northport, Ala.
    Love, Patty Young. Tupelo, Ms.

  23. Cheryl , you lighted up my life and 5000 others when you visited the USS Eisenhower in the North Arbian Sea. You came aboard with 6 of your contestants from the 1980 pageant via Help from Oman, you and your “sisters” in the USO troupe gave us a great show…after all we had been at sea over 150 days during the Tehran Hostage Crisis!. You visited our ready room of Attack Squadron 66 the morning of your departure. You were going to launch in the COD (carrier on board delivery) aircraft.
    What a delightful young lady you were back then …and now even more of a lady in your ministry. As Bob Hope would say: Thanks for the Memories.
    Kent Ewing, Captain, US Navy, Retired
    former Captain of the USS America during Desert Storm 1991

  24. Greetings in the name of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
    I am Nehru Naik, I am native of small and backward village
    , Nalagonda District, telagana .st India. I am
    born in a very poor family, my parents were daily wage labours. I
    belong to Schedule Tribe community which is most neglected community
    in the society.

    Voice calling me ” I NEED YOU MY SON”, I looked here and there but no
    one was there. I opened the BIBLE, God spoke to me through the
    scriptures, Nahum :1:15. According the Scripture I decided to search
    the Gospel to the unreached areas of our society. And started
    preaching the gospel in the year 1992 till now preached 96 villages of
    our surroundings after taking Bible Training in collage and
    established achurch, where saints are worshiping regularly.

    One day while mediating the God’s word, God spoken with me by the
    Scripture James 1:27 to care of orphan children. Hence, we have
    started small orphanage with 13.orphans by providing food, shelter,

    We request you to kindly pray for these children as they need of
    school books, bags & fees. We love you to invite you to come to our
    children home whenever you visit India.

    With much love &

  25. On my next trip to California, I would love to visit your church and share in the blessings!
    Rev, Tom Muga, Kenya.

  26. Cheryl ,
    I hope you can remember 1973 ! You and your group came to our church to sing many times!
    My name is. Carolyn Cobb! I remember those times with joy ! I would love to come to a service and see you again. My home is still Lambert ! If you come close let me know and I will try To come !

  27. Cheryl Prewitt became known to me when I attended the 1979 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City. I was 29 years old and this was my second Miss America Pageant that I attended, having gone in 1977. I remember watching her terrific performance of “Don’t Cry Out Loud” a beautiful Melissa Manchester song. You were my pick to win. When you did I followed your reign. You were always a joy to listen too. I haven’t seen you back at Miss America for any of the reunion shows. maybe someday. The 100th Anniversary is coming soon. Cheryl, thank you for spreading the word of Jesus Christ. Your work here on earth is truly a gift.

  28. I met Cheryl when she was Miss America toward the end of 1980..She made a larger than life impression on me when she was travelling through Virginia ..Id love to see her now. A truly incredible woman.

  29. I met Cheryl when she came to speak at a church in Soperton Ga.. It must have been in the early 90’s I got a cd called With all my Heart Cheryl.She is such a beautiful person God bless you and your family.

  30. A very moving and compelling story. Extremely motivating for the next chapter of my life.

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